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Acrobalance is an acrobatic art that combines elements of partner lifts and hand balancing, with occasional throws and tosses. Requiring great strength and agility, our acts are able to perform the most complex of routines with grace and elegance, leaving a lasting impression on their audience.


Acrobalance is performed in a pair traditionally by a man and woman. It is the combination of two athletic art forms, these are; adagio lifts combined with a strong hand balancing their partner’s acrobatics. Acrobalance requires a high level of care, coordination, awareness and trust amongst the performers. Usually, this act is performed with music in the background to reduce anxiety and add an exciting mood for the audience.


Why are they good for your event?

Acrobalance performers are guaranteed to shine a light on your event by giving your audience a memorable experience that they can’t forget! Our performances can be produced to any required theme, including the use of relevant costumes and props. We can provide artists for events anywhere in the UK.

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Our acrobats display extraordinary skills of balance, agility and coordination whilst entertaining a captive audience with show stopping performances.

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Aerial Performers

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