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Acrobatics is the performance of remarkable human talent that includes balance, agility and motor coordination. It can be used within performing arts, sporting events and martial arts due to the creative moves it entails.

Extraordinary Performances

An acrobat is a person who entertains others by performing difficult and skillful physical moves. Acrobats aim to deliver thrilling, daring, colorful and energetic shows that the public won’t usually experience elsewhere.

Acrobatics are most commonly known for being presented within sports that require human body performance such as; acro dance, circus, ballet, diving and gymnastics.

Why are they good for your event?

Our acrobats display extraordinary skills of balance, agility and coordination whilst entertaining a captive audience with show-stopping performances, and are available for freestyle or choreographed entertainment.

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Acrobalance Acts

Requiring great strength and agility, our acrobalance acts are able to perform the most complex of routines with grace and elegance.

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Aerial Performers

Aerial Performers

We are able to provide an array of impressive aerial performers, guaranteed to captivate your audience and provide a stunning backdrop for your event.

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