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Why not add some versatility to your event by including a skilled Juggler to perform at your event! Our jugglers are highly talented due to their precision and versatility, which is key to being able to juggle props of all sizes! Juggling is a physical skill that can be excelled through one performer’s creativity.


Juggling is the manipulation of one object or multiple objects at the same time, using one or both hands. Juggling can be performed by one or multiple performers within a group, depending on the scale and intensity of the show. Juggling is an act that has been included within the event entertainment industry for many years, and it continues to be a great skill that many still practice today.

Why are they good for your event?

Juggling acts are able to interact with audiences of all ages whilst putting on a show! Jugglers are able to change the theme of their act very easily making them suitable for all ages and locations. Jugglers are guaranteed to bring a smile to the show whilst also being able to work alongside other entertainment acts easily.

Our juggling performers can also provide Glow Juggling, Crystal Ball and Foot Juggling!

Acts across the UK

We can provide your event with energetic and entertaining jugglers all across the UK. Our entertainers are passionate and ready to put on a show for yourself and your audience!

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Juggling Acts

Juggling Acts

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Juggling Acts

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