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Brand Representatives: Matching People to Brands

We believe that brand ambassadors are integral to the success of an experiential activation. When the staff are both brilliant and on-brand, they facilitate authentic and emotive engagements with consumers, which are vital to the creation of brand love and advocacy.

The experiential nature of events and activations, often helps craft a stronger bond between your prospects, clients and your organisation and can add a solid dimension to your credibility. Yet you must pay particular attention to your event presentation and, crucially, your staff. After all, you will need great brand representatives front and centre and ensure they do the best possible job in selling your product or service. And Eventeem can help you source the perfect people.

Brand Ambassador Benefits

Credible brand representatives will help you spread a positive message, engage attendees, and influence sales (or relevant action). They will be the spokespeople and promotional staff for your brand and help you grow your reputation amongst your target audience.

Remember, good brand representatives will humanise your organisation. Many consumers may have enjoyed an arms-length relationship with your company before the event. However, they may have been looking for more, searching for a reason to engage with your brand, and now is the time for you to convert. So, we’ll help you find the best ambassadors, who will give the best possible impression of your organisation and impress your target audience.

Brand Representative Roles

Brand ambassadors can help in various ways, depending on the nature of your event or activation. For example, you may employ them to hand out leaflets, and this job is far more than the job title may suggest. They must fully engage the individual as they hand over the leaflet, asking pertinent questions and trying to get a meaningful response. They may also help you hand out samples and try to get a response from the participant to provide valuable feedback.

These ambassadors are often used in exhibitions nationwide, where they can draw attention to your stand or exhibit. They may also be available to entertain those prospects while they wait to talk with one of your subject matter experts.

Alternatively, use a good brand ambassador to work in a VIP lounge as a key hospitality staff member. The objective is to ensure that all attendees are as happy as possible and feel every inch that very important persona!

Staffing Challenge

It takes a special kind of person to be the perfect ambassador and it usually involves some focused training and in- house produce specialists may not have the outgoing personality or the ability to be first-class brand ambassadors.

Imagine if you need to plan a series of events to promote your business in some way. Are you sure you can provide a sufficient number of brand ambassadors from within your own network, and can they keep up with your schedule and deliver every time?

Eventeem is one of the leading brand ambassador staffing agencies in the UK and we’ll provide you with all the people you need to fulfil any relevant role in your upcoming event. They relish this type of role and cannot wait to engage with your attendees on your behalf to present the best possible impression of your organisation.

So, if you’re searching for one of the best exhibition staff agency or brand ambassador staffing agencies, we are waiting to hear from you.

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