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Event Registration: The Most Important Part of Your Event?

What makes a successful event? In truth, there are many, if not dozens, of factors. However, one thing is sure; you’ll want to get any new event off to a sterling start to cement that crucial first impression. But do you have individuals on your current staff who could step into those welcoming roles and perform as necessary? Or do you need to turn to event staffing agencies like Eventeem for support? And why is the signing-on or registration phase of your event one of the most critical when it comes to attendee satisfaction?

Imagine a scenario where your attendees have travelled a long way to get to your event. In some cases, they may have flown internationally but have had to deal with airports, which can be very stressful today. Perhaps they have to put up with some jet lag or have endured unexpected delays, but in any case, when they arrive at your event venue, they may not be the best of spirits. You need to pay great attention to your process to make registration as seamless as possible. Today, it is possible to take care of a lot of the administration online in advance. Nevertheless, you may need to gather details, get signatures and hand out credentials.

Design Your Registration Process

Ask yourself some pertinent questions as you plan.

  • How many tasks can you complete ahead of time? To help, investigate some of the best event planning software tools on the market to ease some of the stress.
  • How many stages are involved in registration? Try having one staff member for each step rather than asking them to multi-task, which could lead to delays and long queues.
  • Do you have enough room in your registration area, especially if a queue does form? Make sure the space is as pleasant as possible with soothing background music, and try to have light refreshments to the side.

Deal with an Event Staffing Agency

Of course, you can make every effort to set things up from a practical point of view, but what about your staff? Do you have enough people in-house who can handle this crucial task, and are they really cut out for the role?

When it comes to corporate event registration, you need your staff members to be professional, efficient, friendly and able to work under pressure. And this is where you may need to turn to Eventeem, a leading event staff hiring company for much-needed help.

Work with the Best Event Staffing Agencies

Eventeem can come to the rescue. At our event agency, we source, train and provide the best registration staff to help you create that first impression. They will shine when any pressure builds and always maintain that happy, professional and outgoing personality that is so crucial during corporate event registration. In addition, our planners will work with you to identify the various stages of your registration process and recommend staff levels.

Eventeem is one of the top event staffing agencies in the UK. We know exactly what it takes to populate your event with the best people, from registration to promotional staff, brand ambassadors and more. Contact us whenever you need a strong exhibition staff agency by your side.

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