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Conference Staff

Conference Staff: The Ultimate Professionals

If a conference is to be truly successful, it needs to be run like a military operation. This may involve a lot of work behind the scenes that attendees are unaware of, as well as strong attention to detail before, during and after the event. Clearly, this takes a lot of advance planning, but success will also be down to performance on the day. And if you’re thinking of staging a conference, no matter what size, you will need to find the best team members. But where do you start? How do you develop a conference staff job description that will help you find the right people? Eventeem can help.

Firstly, define the required tasks according to the event timeline. From there, you can figure out your conference staff roles and responsibilities. For example, you may need people to:

Identify Your Requirements

  • Collate attendee material and create delegate packs
  • Set up and configure a registration desk
  • Identify action stations at various points along your reception desk to gather pertinent information or take additional steps
  • Distribute badges to speakers or delegates correctly and efficiently
  • Set out chairs in the conference room (unless the venue does that for you)
  • Welcome guests when they arise
  • Show guests to their chairs so that the room is filled efficiently and quickly without confusion
  • Monitor timing on the day to make sure that speakers arrive when they should and individual events go off without issue
  • Transport the microphone from point to point during an audience input session
  • Follow-up with marketing materials and other information at the end of the session

Focus on Conference Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Once you are sure that you have identified all the tasks across the entire event timeline, you can then delegate your conference staff roles and responsibilities. You know how many people you need and can also segregate according to the level of responsibility. For example, while some individuals may have more of an administrative role and may not be customer-facing, others may represent the public face of your brand. So, you need to ensure that you locate a variety of staff members who are best suited to each responsibility level.

It’s not always easy to come up with conference staff job descriptions, but you will need to elaborate if you are to find the right people. Again, you need to be careful so that you do not delegate work to someone inexperienced who may feel over their head when the pressure is on.

Your conference staff must always be presentable and have a well-groomed appearance. In addition, they will need to be punctual and reliable and have enough energy to get through what can often be a long and challenging day.

Finding the Best Conference Staff Members

Many companies do not have sufficient full-time or part-time employees who can step up to become conference staff members. This is why these organisations often reach out to Eventeem, due to our experience as a leading event agency. Our company specialises in staffing events and can certainly find you the best conference staff members for your upcoming production. We only choose those who we know can perform at the highest level and under pressure. We also provide them with the necessary training but remember; you may need to set aside some time to educate your conference staff members about your specific business objectives and goals.

Eventeem can also provide team members for various other event roles, such as registration, exhibitions and brand ambassadors. Contact us today for help with your next conference.

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