Experiential & Sampling

Creative, Reactive, Relevant

Attention to Detail, Timely Delivery & Professional Application

Insightful Proposals

Before proposing a piece of activity for your brand, we make it our business to understand what success means for you. We work with you to establish your objectives; both strategic and tactical; and ensure these remain at the forefront of the creative process. Our campaigns are not only produced on budget, on time and on brand, but also with a strong focus on ROI.

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Meaningful Engagements

Experiential provides a fantastic platform for word of mouth and social amplification, if we provide an interesting and relevant subject. As such we ensure that our campaigns engage with the target audience on a deeper level, and that interactions with our professional brand ambassadors are genuine and authentic, creating a lasting impression on each consumer.

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Planning for Evaluation

Experiential reporting is often perceived as something that is hard to achieve, and can be overlooked in favour of the big idea. Our evaluation framework measures the tactical results achieved on the day, but also the long term impact of experiential on the consumer. It’s entrenched in our planning process and developed alongside the campaign concept.

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Experienced & Personable Team

Our agency team has¬†extensive industry experience, covering all aspects of experiential, staff management, client services, social media and on-site implementation. We are completely dedicated to our clients resulting in a number of long standing relationships. We’re also a friendly bunch and are always on the other end of the phone for advice or just a chat.

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Experiential & Sampling Services

Community Engagement

Our community engagement roadshows are designed to reach out to your community in an informal and accessible way, enabling our promotional staff to deliver vital campaign messages.

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Consumer Shows

We make your consumer show attendance trouble free by taking care of all production, logistics, stock management and staffing, always remaining on brand.

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Creative Sampling

Creative Sampling

Our creative sampling proposals are focused on reaching your target audiences in innovative ways which are remembered long after the sample has been delivered.

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Instore Sampling

Instore Sampling

Instore sampling is one of the simplest but most popular method of reaching your target audience. Engaging with consumers at point of purchase is a proven concept that works time and time again.

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We have years of experience organising roadshows for FMCG brands and other sectors including creative sampling campaigns, community engagement roadshows, instore/retail activation roadshows, supermarket sampling campaigns, shopping centre tours and outdoor events.

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Sampling Bikes

Due to the array of sampling bike attachments that we’re able to provide, this¬†versatile solution is compatible with almost any product, whether it be chilled, frozen or warm produce.

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Our Clients

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