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Do you plan to organise an exhibition? If so, you may realise that this is one of the most complex types of event, and you will have several different groups to satisfy if you want to judge your event as a success. While there are a lot of technical and logistic factors to consider, you must staff your event with some outstanding team members who will assume various roles. If your event takes place in the northwest of England, you’ll want to know where you can get the best Manchester exhibition staff – but worry not, Eventeem can help here, and in all the major cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff and Glasgow.

As you begin to plan, start by identifying the various roles you will need to fill based on the timeline and the setup of your exhibition. Remember that you have to satisfy different groups during an event like this, including exhibitors, trade attendees and casual visitors. Each may require a different approach, and your exhibition staff must be flexible enough to satisfy all.

Identify Roles for Your Exhibition Staff

You may need people to fill the following roles:

Hosts and Hostesses

Hosts and hostesses welcome people as they arrive, and you may need to break their tasks down into several stages. For example, exhibitors will arrive well before any visitors, and they may need some help to find their stand location. They may also have technical questions and want to know more about load-in or load-out, so some of your staff members will need to focus on these areas. When trade attendees and casual visitors turn up, your hosts and hostesses can welcome them and show them where to go next.


This job can be quite complex, but it will depend on the nature and scale of your exhibition. However, your staff members may need to check credentials and issue badges or entry privileges based on the individual.


You may want to educate some of your attendees about your exhibition, VIP exhibitors, interviews or other activities that may be taking place on a central stage.

Data Capture

These staff members can carry out spot interviews to gather crucial data and information that can help you to streamline future events and make improvements

Central Helpdesk

Larger exhibitions, in particular, will have a central helpdesk that is clearly signposted and invariably busy. You need staff members who can work well under pressure and maintain a smiling demeanour, even in fraught situations. These staff members will need to be trained to be well-versed in the type of questions they are likely to receive or know who to ask if not.

Your Specialist Exhibition Staff Agency

Once you have determined the individual job roles and see that you need many people to make everything work, you must figure out where you will find them.

Eventeem is one of the country’s leading providers of exhibition and conference staff members. We’ll help you determine how many people you need in each position and then do the work to find these individuals on your behalf. We ensure they are experienced and ready to fulfil the role in question. They’ll be reliable, punctual and always personable to help create the perfect impression for your organisation and event. Get in touch with our event staffing agency today for further information.

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