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Promotional Staff in Plymouth

Local Know-How

Our local brand ambassadors have an expert knowledge of Plymouth and the surrounding area to help you with your marketing campaign in Plymouth. Our staff will use this local knowledge to aid in the activation of your campaign and ensure it succeeds to our usual high standards.

Thorough Application Process

We put our staff through a thorough and structured application process to ensure that we are providing the best promotional and event staff in Plymouth.  We look at a variety of factors when we are deciding on promotional staff to assign to make sure that they are a suitable face for your brand and campaign.

Brand Matching

Our aim is to choose the best event staff in Plymouth for your campaign. Our staff represents both your and our brand and as such we only pick the best brand ambassadors available. We ensure that whoever represents us and our clients can deliver the fantastic results we are expecting.

UK Wide Coverage

We are proud to supply promotional staff for clients across the UK for their roadshows or  experiential marketing campaigns, no matter the distance. We have a strong team of promotional staff in Plymouth and the South West and are committed to helping make your campaign a success. Contact us for a quote.

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