10 Creative Ways to Utilize Billboards for Product Advertising

02 May

10 Creative Ways to Utilise Billboards for Product Advertising

It’s easy to think that any marketing initiatives need to be “online” these days. It seems as if some traditional advertising and marketing methods are old-fashioned—however, this is not necessarily the case. Why not consider billboard advertising as well? What are some of the most creative ways to use billboard marketing, and is the billboard advertising cost reasonable?

1. Digital Elements

While it’s certainly possible to use those traditional static billboards and get good results, digital billboard advertising is also possible. For example, you could think about interactive billboards. You could break the mould by incorporating interactivity into your design. You could use some augmented reality or near-field communication (NFC) technology, or display QR codes, for example. This should engage passers-by and create memorable brand experiences.

2. Dynamic Content

Always make sure that your content is dynamic so your billboards are fresh and relevant. For example, why not incorporate real-time data like weather updates or social media feeds, again focusing on the digital element? In this way, you can impart your message in the correct context and capture some attention.

3. Geo-Targeting

Location-based targeting is also a good way to take advantage of geo-targeting capabilities. You can deliver personalised messages based on the actual location of the billboard. This means that you can adjust your creative content so it resonates with a local audience.

4. Storytelling Power

Storytelling is one of the strongest and most effective marketing techniques available. You can use the expansive canvas of a billboard to tell a captivating story about your brand or product. In this way, you can break down complex concepts into simple narratives that will resonate with your audience on a more emotional level.

5. Customer-Derived Content

Reach out to your customers to generate content for your billboards. Here, you can feature customer testimonials or social media posts to showcase authentic experiences and build trust and credibility.

6. Unexpected Elements

Think outside the box. You can surprise your viewers with unexpected elements or some interactive features that spark curiosity and create a memorable experience. These elements of surprise will stick with your customers long after they pass by.

7. Influencer Integration

Partner with some local influencers and celebrities so you can amplify any message. This means that you could reach a wider audience by leveraging the influence of these people and adding credibility and authenticity to your campaigns.

8. Multisensory Experience

You might think that the billboard is one-dimensional, but it can be anything but. You can generate a multisensory experience by incorporating elements such as scent or sound into the design of the billboard itself. In doing so, you can create an immersive experience that stimulates curiosity and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

9. Environmental Meaning

A billboard may stick out like a sore thumb in some respects, but it doesn’t have to. Why not seamlessly integrate the billboard into the surrounding environment so you can create a visually striking installation? This will take some ingenuity, but you can play with lighting, architecture or perspective so your billboards stand out unexpectedly.

10. Call to Action

Finally, never forget to include a compelling and clear call to action on each of your billboard advertising projects. In other words, the viewers need to know what to do next. It could be visiting your website, scanning a QR code or making a purchase. In every case, guide your viewers towards the next steps to take after they encounter your advertisement.

Cost Expectations

When it comes to billboard advertising costs, you’ve got a wide range of options. Talk with providers so they can give you a quote based on your parameters.

Working with Experts

As you can see, there are many ways to take advantage of billboard advertising today. If you need assistance developing your events or making the most of your initiatives, work with some of the experts in the field. Eventeem can provide you with all your promo staffing needs and give you advice every step of the way. We can also give you some background information about event requirements and even provide you with other helpful resources, such as a history of event management. Get in touch with Eventeem today for further information.