A Brief History of Event Management: Event Planning Then and Now

09 Feb

Event Management and Planning Through the Ages

When you’re planning a new event and are deep into the details, you may not pause to consider just how lucky you are. You have access to systems and technology that were unheard of in the old days and have a much easier challenge than early event planners. So how have things changed through the ages? It’s fun to look at a brief history of the event management industry to get some additional inspiration.

Back in the Early Days

How far back can you go when thinking about the history of event planning? Could the first big planner have been Cleopatra? After all, we have some evidence in the form of a famous painting called “the Banquet of Cleopatra,” where Cleopatra staged a bet with Marc Anthony to say that she could host a far more lavish event than he could.

As there were many attendees, how did Cleopatra get in touch with them all? Clearly, she couldn’t send a blanket email, so she would have had to hand-deliver any messages over weeks and months ahead. No doubt, she took advantage of an army of servants to do so.

History of the Event Planning Industry
History of the Event Planning Industry

As time went by and the history of the event planning industry developed, the aristocracy and other wealthy individuals would throw increasingly impressive parties and themed events. Still, it wasn’t until after the Industrial Revolution that events as we know them took off. Now, there was a much more diverse economy and spectacular business growth, and it became crucial for people to get together to develop their interests.

The history of event management took an even bigger step as transportation became more efficient. Trains could carry people from one city to the next, and planes made event planning truly international.

Event Management Now

An event planner’s lot has become much easier in the past four decades, as communications have become instantaneous and technology has advanced in leaps and bounds.


For example, planners can now use online forms and email to take care of registration, whereas this used to be a handwritten process using “snail mail.”

Venue Selection

Planners can scope out potential venues online and use satellite imagery to look at potential locations from every angle. They no longer need to use physical maps or take to the streets to scope things out.


Finding attendees and ensuring you can get a full house at your next masterpiece is always challenging, but it’s a lot easier today. For example, you can use websites and social media or send SMS messages to reach people instantaneously. In the “old days,” you would need to make phone calls and leave messages to try and get commitments or even ask people in person.

Marketing and Promotion

You can create your event and post information on social media sites. People can type in the location, and your event could pop up as an option. Then, you can handle tickets and registration in one place, people can pay by credit card, and you can get the cash in your bank right away. This sounds a lot better than putting up posters, mailing flyers and waiting to see if you have any response.

Event Management Now
Event Management Now

Your Contribution to the History of Event Planning

As you can see, the history of event management has come a long way since the days of Cleopatra. You may be happy that you have access to new technology and systems, but you still have to rely on some specialist help. So, if you need high-quality promotional staff for your next masterpiece, get in touch with Eventeem, a premier event agency in London. We will be delighted to support your event and help it become another milestone in the history of event management.