Airbnb X Little Concert – Local Music Experiences

01 Aug


An exciting new partnership between Airbnb and Little Concert has led to the creation of two music-based experiences in the nations capital, designed to test the waters for the travel giant’s latest experiential offering.



Airbnb Local Music Experiences


The Aim

To promote Airbnb’s new music-based experiences.


What Are They Doing?

Exclusively available on the Airbnb website, these two music-based experiences from Airbnb and Little Concert are flagships for the brand’s latest offering. The aim of these experiences is to introduce guests to the unseen diamonds with creative events in unique locations, with a maximum of 100 attendees.

Once the kinks have been ironed out, Airbnb plan to launch a range of experiences every week, but for now, we have two to sink our teeth into, one of which revolves around the concept of the ‘urban winery’…

London Cru, the city’s very first winery, which has won multiple IWC medals & are listed in numerous Michelin star restaurants, will be the setting for this experience, the itinerary of which will include both wine tasting and a live music experience, with ten award-winning wines on offer. Music will be provided by singer songwriter Tony McHugh in an experience designed as an introduction into urban winemaking & the local music scene in one swoop.

The second event will give guests a taste of local music from the Camden area. Camden legend and ‘Spiritual Bar’ music venue owner Rafael will be the tour guide, showing guests the unknown areas of Camden and explaining the history of its venues. The tour will also give them a chance to discover more about the notorious canal, places to eat and enjoy the best view of London from Primrose park. After the tour, an intimate concert with a local musician will be held in one of Rafael’s venues before it opens to the public.

These experiences are available to book through the Airbnb website and more experiences will be announced soon.


Why Do We Like It?

As with all good product development, Airbnb are allowing customers to trial their new music experiences before they commit to mass production – this allows them to field test the idea without committing large amounts of resources to a product for which there is potentially no demand.

Similarly, since Airbnb is a essentially based on thousands of small partnerships, it is no surprise that they have picked the perfect partners for this venture. Little Concert specialise in connecting small or unknown musicians with local gigs and therefore are perfectly suited to fill this role for Airbnb, resulting in perfectly matched artists, venues and experiences.


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