Alpro – Ice Cream Oasis

05 Jun


Weary film-goers rejoice, a natural oasis is coming to London for your enjoyment. June 14th plant-based aficionados Alpro look set to ignite the pallets of patrons of The Luna Cinema with a pairing of artisan ice-creams and mouth-watering cocktails.


Alpro – Ice Cream Oasis


The Aim

To mark the launch of their new ice-cream range with a plant-based oasis for customers.


What Are They Doing

Coinciding with the Luna Cinema’s 14th June showing of Dreamgirls at London’s Victoria Embankment Gardens, plant-based lifestyle enthusiasts Alpro are set to host a natural oasis in celebration of the launch of their new ice-cream range.

Guests will be spoilt for choice, with ice-cream creations ranging from: plant-pop waffle cones embedded with hazelnuts; to raw coconut bowls topped with tropical bounty delights, made all the more lavish by pools of sprinkles (plant-based of course!).

If ice-cream isn’t your thing, Alpro even have a selection of refreshing plant-based cocktails to enjoy under the stars! Speaking of which, as one of the events primary partners for the 2017 season, expect more to come from Alpro and The Luna Cinema.


Why We Like It

Firstly, a partnership with the Luna Cinema is a great move, there has been a surge in the popularity of al-fresco screenings, with brands like Rooftop Cinema Club also benefiting. This arrangement provides the perfect arena for Alpro to debut their new ice-cream range, after all, who doesn’t love a scoop with a movie.

Similarly, offering cocktails is another small touch which will make a big difference. The clue is in the name, The Luna Cinema takes place in the evening, meaning most-likely, their evening will not end there. A diverse range of cocktails is the perfect way to keep guests returning to the oasis frequently and engaging with staff. A perfect caveat to the ice-creams which, as many of us surely know, can fill you up fast, no matter how sad the movie you’re watching is!


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