Blippar Covent Garden AR Santa Experience

16 Dec


Blippar – AR Santa Experience

This Christmas, popular AR app blippar has transformed Covent Garden into the world’s first augmented reality retail district. The app has augmented the traditional retail experience of over 140 different shops and restaurants including top brands like Dior and Mulberry.


Presents in the tree?

To kick things off. Covent Garden’s 50ft Christmas tree has been decorated with offers, accessible only through the app’s AR. This is the UK’s first tree of its kind, although we’re sure it won’t be the last.


Hidden Reindeer

There is also an AR treasure hunt, where users must catch reindeer, hidden in various locations around Covent Garden. Completing the hunt will release a giant reindeer which flies, in VR, around the area’s piazza. A neighborhood Grotto where visitors can meet Santa in an interactive experience is also on show, adding to the festivities


AR Fashion Tips

AR fashion and beauty guides are also available through the app. Curated by editors from Hearst Magazines style magazines; Elle, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, the guides will be released progressively over the course of the event. The guides will cover 35 retailers, focusing on gift selection, for those who need some last minute advice this festive season.


The Start of Something Big

Blippar COO Danny Lopez said on the campaign: “We are very excited to use the festive season as a backdrop for demonstrating the potential of augmented reality. This year we at Blippar will help digitally enhance the Christmas shopping experience and I’m thrilled that millions of visitors will be a part of such an exciting event.”


Additional functionalities of the app includes;

  • “AR-scannable” stickers on restaurant fronts, allowing users to check menus, reviews and book tables.
  • In-store gift packs which, when scanned, lead to rewards and offers.
  • An AR interactive map of Covent Garden, which provides users a wealth of information on events and offers available to them.


Blippar created a trailer for the app right here:



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