Brand Ambassador TIPS: Professional applications that stand out

20 Feb

Do you want to join our team of hand picked Brand Ambassadors? Read on to discover how to apply, along with hints and tips on how to create a profile that really stands out of the crowd!

If you already work in this industry you will undoubtedly know that there are dozens of promotional staffing agencies in the UK, all battling for your attention with the aim of enticing you, with your valued skills and experience, to join their pool of staff. You will also know that there are thousands of promotional staff competing for coveted positions at the best agencies and on the best campaigns.  If you don’t already work as a brand ambassador – welcome!

A short intro for those visiting eventeem for the first time – we’re a national promotional staffing agency with a team of carefully selected Brand Ambassadors, located across the country. Our HQ is in sunny Cardiff, and we have regional offices in London and Manchester. From these bases we are able to connect with top notch people that we place on the UK’s most exciting experiential projects for automotive, FMCG, tech and other consumer brands.

Our approach to recruitment and employee engagement is focused primarily on relationships and mutual respect; we seek to initiate working relationships with only the best people in the business, and nurture these relationships through regular human contact, sharing engaging content and providing work opportunities that are exactly the right fit for client and staff alike.

>>So how do you apply to join eventeem’s brand ambassador team?

To kick off, you will have to create a profile in our online staffing portal which will firstly be reviewed by our fantastic Recruitment and Employee Engagement Manager (that’s me). This is a relatively straight forward process but it’s your moment to put your best foot forward and really show off your previous experience.

We receive dozens of applications each week so don’t underestimate the importance of this platform – grab the opportunity to really wow us and convince us why you’re the right fit for our agency.

The application form speaks for itself and there are some essential sections like proving your eligibility to work in the UK, but there are some areas that deserve perhaps more consideration and a bit more effort than others.

Here’s my tips;

>>Profile images

Some people make the mistake of uploading a photo that they personally like the look of instead of one that is work appropriate, which represents them in the best possible light.

Make sure your profile picture is clear, forward facing and smiley. It doesn’t have to be taken by a professional, but in my opinion it’s worth investing in this if you can. When checking out applications, professional photos do tend to stand out.

It’s important not to include pictures that have been altered in any way. For example, adding filters to your pictures is a big no-no! It’s fine to upload full length pictures and pictures of you working on recent campaigns and we encourage this, but it’s important to remember that your headshot will be the image used most frequently.

We don’t request photos of you out of curiosity alone. Your information is sent over to clients in a profile pack when we put you forward for work, and that includes your photo, which is why it’s so important we have your best shots on file.


Brand Ambassador Tips
Brand Ambassador Tips


Again, this is not to satisfy our own curiosity! The purpose of this section is to ensure we have your uniform sizes to hand, ready for when you are booked onto a campaign with one of our clients. The most basic information required is top size, trouser size and shoe size.

Brand Ambassador Tips
Attributes section on the staff registration page.




You’ll notice on the application form that there is a ‘snapshot’ section to include your experience in certain roles e.g. data capture, leafleting, food sampling, etc.

When a client requires staff with certain skills, we will reach out to our carefully curated promotional team. If you haven’t addressed this section properly and ticked the relevant skills or experience, you could miss out on an opportunity that may be perfect for you!

Brand Ambassador Tips
Experiences snapshot section on Staffwise



>>Relevant Training

Do you have any qualifications or certificates that could net you more work? If so we need to know about them!

This could include:

  • A DBS check
  • First aid certificates
  • Food hygiene certificates
  • Fire safety training.

Food sampling activations, for example, would normally require a brand ambassador to hold a level 2 food hygiene certificate. This may sound complex but it’s relatively straight forward for a brand ambassador to achieve. It costs around £15 for the course and can be done online in a matter of hours. It’s a great investment for brand ambassadors as this opens them up for even more opportunities in the promotional industry. (Ask me for the details if you’re interested!).

>>Previous work History

This is one of the most important sections of your profile. It’s a mini version of your promotional C.V and it gives us a snapshot of what experience you have had in the promotional industry to date. It’s great to see the type of brands you have worked with and what your responsibilities were. This is a great place to show off what you are great at and where your skills are best matched.

And don’t worry, if you’re new to the industry we still want to hear from you. Think about whether you have any other customer facing experience that you can include here, and there’s always space to include more details in your “Bio” which is a free text field and your opportunity to tell us about yourself in your own words.

Brand Ambassador Tips
Previous promo work section on Staffwise

>>In Summary

Your online eventeem profile is the perfect place for you to show off and stand out from other applicants. It’s the start of your conversation with the agency and the beginning of what could be a productive and successful working relationship for us both.

All profiles are carefully reviewed and at this stage, your application will either be selected for interview or declined.  A poorly created profile or an incomplete profile would mean that your application would not even progress to the interview stage.  Put some effort in and really show us who you are!

To Recap;

  • Profile pictures are often the first thing we see and will contribute to our initial perception of you – How do you want to be perceived at first glance?

  • Attributes – it’s best to have a complete section here so we don’t have to chase you for extra information. Our staff bookers are a busy bunch and making their life easier will definitely earn you some brownie points!

  • Include your relevant skills and experiences in the ‘experience snapshot’ section to make sure your profile comes up in our staff search

  • Add any relevant training you have completed to give you an extra edge. You never know, it could make a difference in being booked or not.

  • And finally make sure you have included your previous work history – show off a little bit and give us a reason to want to start a conversation with you!

Once through this initial stage it’s on to the interview. At eventeem we conduct telephone interviews, skype interviews and face to face castings to ensure we really are only accepting the best staff into our first-class, promotional staffing team. Tips for this to come later!

To apply to join our promotional team, start your application today at