Brand Ambassadors: Qualities Which Set The Best Apart From The Rest

07 Oct

“Manners maketh man,” but when it comes to brand ambassadors it’s not so straightforward. Here at eventeem we take pride in our meticulous selection process, it ensures we only employ promotional staff who we trust to best represent our clients’ brands. This week, we asked our expert team of account managers which qualities they look for when recruiting potential brand ambassadors (and which qualities to avoid), this is what they came up with.



What Makes a Top Brand Ambassador




Ideal qualities:

  • Confidence; “In the events industry, staff need to be comfortable engaging instantly with strangers and people of all ages and backgrounds. Confidence is immediately obvious and helps to make consumers feel relaxed and more willing to engage.”
  • Proactive nature; “Promotional activity requires energy and determination, staff can’t rest on their laurels. Unmotivated brand ambassadors stand out significantly, often having a negative impact on the overall results of a campaign.”
  • Reliability; “This is crucial, it’s important that we can depend on our staff not to let us down, so as not to disappoint clients or cause disruption to the activity in the case of last minute cancellations or no-shows. The brand ambassadors are an extension of OUR brand, therefore any unreliability reflects as badly on us as it does them.”
  • Inquisitiveness; “we look for people who are keen to learn as much as possible about the brand or product they are representing, are able to retain key facts and information and who take pride in being able to speak with customers at length about what they are promoting. We have ambassadors who regular clients request, because they have developed such a deep level of knowledge about their brand.”
  • Resilience; “Staff are often faced with rejection and need to be able to remain upbeat and motivated for the duration of their shift. Perseverance is key, keeping energy levels up and always smiling no matter what are vital for the success of an event!”
  • Passion; “Again, it is obvious when a brand ambassador is truly happy to be at an event and it reflects in their work. Staff who genuinely love what they do always do the best job!”


Things to avoid:

  • Poor communication skills; “Staff need to be able to engage effectively with others and build rapport. If someone cannot communicate effectively when we interview them, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to do so talking with complete strangers about an unfamiliar topic.”
  • Poor organisation; “Staff who are incapable of organising themselves are prone to forgetting shifts, being late, wearing the incorrect uniform etc. Once again this is unacceptable for us, as our brand ambassadors carry the reputation of the company, organisation is a key ingredient of a professional attitude.”


By operating a rigorous selection procedure, you ensure that your portfolio only consists of brand ambassadors with whom you feel comfortable representing your brand and your clients’. If you have any further questions about promotional staffing or brand ambassadors contact us!