Cadbury: ‘The Enchanted Maze’

28 Mar


Cadbury: ‘The Enchanted Maze’


What Did They Do?

The pop-up was open outside the London Eye on London’s Southbank between 11am-4pm. As the campaign formed part of Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt, it is only appropriate that the Easter Bunny was present, welcoming young adventurers hoping to beat the maze.


The Labyrinth

Speaking of which, when inside, children and their families were given Easter baskets to help them collect hidden chocolate eggs. The maze itself sported walls 2m high, as well as a host of unexpected ‘twists and turns’ to throw visitors off the trail!


Fun For The Whole Family

Accompanying the maze, Cadbury provided a series of activity stations to keep their young clientele engaged. Activities ranged from the traditional, decorating eggs, to those specially designed for the event, including bunny mask making.

Overall, the event provided visitors with a thorough range of activities and made up part of a larger campaign, featuring 300 similar events.


Why Did We Like It?

It seems like every other week we’re covering a campaign by Cadbury’s, not that we’re complaining! The storied confectioner expanded its already impressive catalogue of experiences this week with the ‘enchanted maze’. Cadbury never ceases to come up with creative, well targeted, ways to engage their target audience, and this is no different.


Knowing The Landscape

With regard to the ‘enchanted maze’ specifically, the nationwide campaign of over 300 events shows astute reactive marketing, capitalising on topical events. In creating activations like this one at Easter, Cadbury cements the association between their brand and this period (even more so than their most famous product being an egg!).


Pester Power

Finally, in two of its recent campaigns, Cadbury has demonstrated a considered understanding of pester-power, creating experiences that target parent’s wallets through their children’s hearts. We promise it’s a lot less morbid than it sounds!


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