Lexus Centres

Lexus Centres

As part of our staffing solution for Lexus, we provide support to the Lexus centre network for their quarterly product placements which could take place at local shopping centres, gyms, garden centres, county shows and other local events. It’s our responsibility to source the most cost-effective staffing solution for the centre, whilst maintaining a good standard of training for the brand ambassadors, often at short notice.

As part of their agreement with Lexus, the centres must complete one event every quarter. They are permitted to man the placements using their own internal staff, but the majority prefer for their staff to stay within the showroom and for one of our brand ambassadors to work at the event. We are able to provide Lexus with three options; The first being 15x fully accredited staff that have received face to face training within 6 months which is the primary option for centre events. The second is online accredited (category A) which is staff that have previously received face to face training and have taken the online refresher training course. This is the secondary option for centre events, and finally, online accredited (category B) which is new staff that have completed the online training course only which is the tertiary option for centre events.








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