Corona – Aboveground Events Series

01 Sep


Every week, EventStream brings you the latest experiential marketing campaigns from the world’s biggest and best brands. Our aim is to show you the motivations of the brand and the tactics at play – today, we’re looking at Corona’s latest experiential activation, Aboveground, enjoy…

400 visitors arrived to celebrate the first event of Corona’s latest experiential campaign, Aboveground, taking to The View on London’s tallest building, the Shard, to catch a glimpse of the perfect city skyline sunset… with a few free beers thrown in along the way.




Corona – Aboveground Events Series


The Aim

To showcase the best sunsets from across the nation’s capital.


What Are They Doing?

Corona launched their latest experiential campaign, Aboveground, last Wednesday (23rd August) with an event that partnered the alcohol brand with London’s tallest building, The Shard, inviting 400 people to attend and watch the sunset from The View.

This is the first in a series of sunset-driven events to be held by Corona, showcasing the beauty of London’s skyline at dusk from various vantage points across the city throughout August and September. Further locations include: Golden Bee, Radio Rooftop, Jam Tree, Pitch Stratford, Wahaca Southbank, Sisu, Vivo, as well as another two events at The Shard.

The sunset is not the only thing to be enjoyed at these events – each guest will receive a free beer, as well as access to window-facing hammocks, special guests, a DJ spinning the latest house tunes and opportunities for Polaroid shots throughout the event, which would usually cost £35 per person.

To capture the most magic, Corona have collaborated closely with meteorologists to work out when the perfect sunsets will occur – this is then announced on the day through the brand’s social media channels.


Aina Fuller, marketing manager at Corona UK & Ireland, said:

“In busy city centres like London people often struggle to find the time to take stock and enjoy their surroundings.

We’re partnering with some great venues across the capital to give people the chance to do just this, using innovative localised marketing to surprise Londoners and invite them to the ideal locations for experiencing the city’s iconic skyline at sunset.

We’ll continue to work with these top venues across the summer and into Autumn to help them drive footfall by maximising the sunset experience for customers.”


Why Do We Like It?

Firstly, the fact that these events are free of their typical, hefty price tag is a proud statement from Corona, demonstrating that they, as a brand are willing to provide customers with experiences that many would often be priced out of – this starts the campaign off on the right foot.

Adding to this, the experience has two facets: the first is that it’s a unique experience that few people will get to enjoy (exclusivity); the second is that it doubles as a social occasion, the alcohol industry is a social industry, Corona recognise this, providing refreshments on site to keep visitors happy and entertained, always with the brand in mind.

Finally, hosting the events as a series builds momentum, social media content, press coverage and many more aspects that allow the success of the previous event to augment that of the next – this is capitalised by consulting experts to ensure that the experience is always the best it can be, again showing dedication to quality and meticulous planning that is sure to make Aboveground a success.

The Shard marks the start of a strong catalog of events for Corona’s Aboveground  – if you enjoyed this campaign, please share it with your friends!

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