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08 Dec

Continuing our Day In The Life series, today’s installment follows Alys, our Agency Assistant. Alys is a relatively new member of the team; dealing with staffing, reporting and organising logistics, Alys covers all bases to ensure every campaign runs smoothly. 

Taking the time to write a blog article, Alys hopes you enjoy…


A Day In The Life – Agency Assistant

8:45 am – I’m in

If public transport is on my side, I can get into the office by 8:45/8:50 in the morning. As I log in to my computer and wait for it to wake up, I make myself a quick cuppa, sit myself down and note the date down on a fresh page in my notebook. I find that it helps to physically write down what it is I have to achieve each day, as it allows me to look at the bigger picture, and prioritise what tasks I need to tackle first. It also makes me feel very productive when I can tick off my tasks in a thick red pen – very satisfying!


9:00 – Let’s Get Stuck In!

By this point my computer has had chance to wake up, and I am able to check what’s on my list for today. First of all, check the calendar to remind myself what jobs are scheduled for today and set reminders to check staff have arrived at the right place at the right time.
I then tackle the inbox; Sifting through general inquiries from staff, as well as new potential staff that would like to join the database. It’s easy for my inbox to get clogged throughout the day, so now is a good time to sift, sort and delete emails that I’ve dealt with and no longer need.
Have a look at my list of jobs today – evaluate whether I’m doing to get them all done by 5pm, or if I need to distribute some of the work load amongst the team. This is all prep for our status meeting, where everyone has the opportunity to voice any concerns or queries regarding their work load.
Let’s just have a look and see if any jobs need signing off from yesterday, and request any team leaders give us feedback on the staff that worked alongside them for that shift.


9:30 – Let’s Discuss

Okay now it’s time to check in with the rest of the team and discuss what needs to be prioritised today. It’s also a good opportunity to ask if anyone needs help with their workload, and generally voice any questions regarding the work load for that day.


9:40 – Let’s Get Down To Business

I’m all set with what I need to tackle for today – I just need to make sure I have everything I need. At the end of a campaign, we ask the team leader to report on demographics, number of interactions etc so that we can construct an evaluation for our client. I spend the morning ensuring each team leader has sent in their feedback, and occasionally ring them to discuss the report further. I’ve now got everything I need so let’s get this evaluation set up and ready to go for 11am!


11:00 – Never a Dull Moment…

So the evaluations are done so I can send them to my colleague to look over and proof read before sending them to the client. As I send the reports over, I am told that we need to find staff for an upcoming event next week. It’s in a tricky location so best to get started on this straight away. For slightly trickier locations, it’s best to market the job to a widespread staffing base. I send the job advert out to our database, and send texts (sometimes staff find it more efficient to be sent job notifications via text rather than email). It’s always useful to put these trickier locations out on Facebook as well, so that is reaches a wider audience. As an effect of this we may even get new staff signed up on our database, which is great!


12:00 – Staffing

The job has been posted, and the applications have started to come in. One person was interested in the job advertisement I posted on Facebook, so I have arranged a telephone interview with them this afternoon, and asked that in the meantime they set up a profile to join our database. A couple of other people wanted a bit more information about the job so I have discussed it when them over the phone so that they can get a better understanding of what the role entails.


13:00 – No Rest For The Wicked!

I can’t ignore the hunger pains anymore – it’s time to get some lunch! I’m prepared and always bring my own lunch with me. I’m too indecisive and having the office in the city centre would result in me not eating at all due to there being too many options! I usually pop out and eat my lunch in the seating area outside the office, it’s best to keep my phone on me though just in case a staff member needs some assistance on a job, or might like some more information on the one I’ve just posted!


14:00 – Back At It

Lunch is over and I’m feeling confident that we’re going to be able to staff this event this afternoon, I’ve had a few responses and set up a couple of telephone interviews for this afternoon. I’ll just check my emails and see if anything urgent has come through. I really like the fast paced environment and find it quite exciting how quickly things can change here in the agency.


14:30 – Check In

Everyone is back from lunch and it’s a good opportunity to check in and see how they’re doing. I inform my colleague of the interest in the latest job I’ve advertised so that she can go back and update the client on our progress. We re-evaluate where we are in today’s tasks, and ensure that everyone is on track to get done what they need by 5pm.


15:00 – Telephone Interviews

Generally between 3pm – 4:30pm we conduct telephone interviews with staff that would like to join our database. My 3pm is the telephone interview with someone who is interested in working at the event I advertised earlier on.
They sound great and it would definitely be good to get them started on something and get the ball rolling. I book them in, and create their staff profile which we later send to the client. I now start on the brief, which is sent to the staff at a later date to inform them of the brand in more detail, and general instructions for the job. Once I’ve outlined what I can on the brief, I inform my colleague, who then sends that on to the client to fill in the gaps – things like where the staff member need to go at the start of their shift etc!


16:30 – Phew!

The telephone interviews make the afternoon fly by! As the clock ticks down to home time, I check my inbox and respond to any outstanding queries before checking the calendar to remind myself of the overall picture – what we’ve got planned the next day, or for the rest of week. It’s always good to stay prepared and be one step ahead of the game. I’ve shortlisted a couple of other staff members for that job just in case the person I’ve booked falls ill. Always best to be prepared!



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