David Lloyd – Door To Door Personal Training

18 Apr


David Lloyd’s personal trainers are taking to the streets from 18-20 April, helping the locals recover from Easter weekend, ahead of the launch of the brand’s latest health club in Kensington Harbour.


David Lloyd – Door To Door Personal Training


What’s Happening?

From 18-20 April, David Lloyd is offering the residents of Kensington a chance to burn off those Easter eggs with free 10 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions that come to them.

The Door To Door Personal Training sessions will be taken by personal trainers from the brand’s  state-of-the-art Kensington Harbour Club and will be completely free.

Set to open in June, with five floors and a 25m pool the club will offer the very latest in group classes and personal training.

The primary focus of the sessions will be working out using the various odds and ends, lying around the house and garden, to perform weighted variations of typical high-intensity workouts.

Rob Sambles, Kensington Harbour Club‘s general manager, said on the campaign:

“A 10-minute HIIT workout is easy to fit into the day and what better place to do it than your own doorstep? HIIT training helps keep your heart rate up, boosts your metabolism and there are many things in the home and garden to use to help enhance your workout. We’re looking forward to meeting the people of Kensington and getting them training.”


Why Do We Like It?

This is the second campaign from David Lloyd, following their January ‘Run For Your Bun’ campaign, showing clear intent from the brand to incorporate regular experiential activations into their marketing strategy.

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With regard to the Door To Door Personal Training campaign, the use of reactive planning is intelligent, the brand is able to promote the launch of its new club, developing relationships throughout the area, whilst taking advantage of collective desire to work off the mountains of chocolate consumed over Easter.

This not only positions the brand well amongst the people of Kensington, it cements the brand’s position as a health-conscious company in the eyes of consumers.


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