Electrolux – Sustainability Events

01 Sep


Twice a week, every week, EventStream brings you the latest and greatest experiential marketing campaigns from the world’s biggest brands. We go in-depth, shining light on the experiential tactics and principles at play – today, we’re taking a look at Electrolux’s upcoming sustainability activations at The Stockholm Act festival…

Swedish electronics brand Electrolux are campaigning to raise awareness for sustainability in food and textiles at The Stockholm Act, a festival to be held in the Swedish capital, aimed at promoting sustainable development practices working towards 2030.


Electrolux – Sustainability Events


The Aim

Promote sustainable personal and business development practices through experiential festival activations.


What Are They Doing?

Kicking off yesterday (21st August), The Stockholm Act festival, held in the city of its namesake, is a environmentally-focused gathering, aiming to unite people from the worlds of business, art, science and politics, under the common goal of building a more sustainable world.

It’s here that Swedish electronics brand Electrolux are putting on a series of experiential activations promoting sustainability in both food and clothing:

The first of these features a short documentary series, breaking down the concept of taste as part of a ‘waste tasting’ dinner experience which includes a panel discussion from leading figures in the Swedish food waste scene, educating visitors on aspects of food waste.

The next, in conjunction with Stockholm City Mission, is called the Zero Waste Market – serving a variety of treats and smoothies prepared by vegan chef Sebastian Schauermann, using leftovers and donated surplus foods, to promote sustainable consumption patterns.

A similar pop-up, working with Eat Easier and Sopköket, is dishing out smoothies, gourmet catering and school meals made of rescued food – raising awareness on how to reduce food waste.

Finally, Electrolux have joined forces with active-wear brand Houdini for a “care and repair” station, teaching visitors the value of properly caring for and maintaining clothes.


Electrolux head of sustainability affairs Henrik Sundström said:

“Partnering with The Stockholm Act is a great opportunity to jointly raise awareness of the United Nation goals and build a more sustainable future. Through showcasing our own sustainability initiatives, we hope to contribute to learnings that help drive sustainable development towards 2030 at both a local and global level.”


Why Do We Like It?

Te first thing to comment on is Electrolux’s use of partnerships – obviously, as a brand, they have an existing knowledge of sustainability practices, however, smoothie-making, food preparation and clothing-care are all specialists subjects, for which they’ve recruited specialist partners to ensure the quality of the experiences.

Alongside this, we always like to see a campaign promoting a topical issue, primarily because causes like sustainability have existing, highly-engaged audiences, allowing for greater campaign engagement.

The key to success with cause-centric campaigns is to create a forum for the discussion that already exists – essentially branding the conversation. Electrolux have done this perfectly, creating highly-social experiences that serve to bring like-minded people together.

Electrolux’s sustainability events demonstrate the modern approach to cause marketing – if you enjoyed this content, as always, please share it with your friends!

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