Event Gamification- Engaging Audiences with Interactive Promotions

07 Feb

Event Gamification — How to Engage Audiences with Interactive Promotions

Event gamification is the subtle art of spicing up an otherwise dry marketing activity with an interactive element. Many people love to play mobile games on their phones or video games on the internet, and as such, event planners can increase engagement by incorporating such elements into their marketing mix. But it’s still important to be subtle and remember that games can not just engage but also educate an audience. So, what is gamification in business, and how can you incorporate it when you organize your next event?

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What Is Gamification?

Gamification is applying some game elements to enhance the overall experience for attendees during an activity or event. Consider how you can incorporate some of the latest technology to make event gamification much more powerful and to create truly memorable experiences for your attendees. When you get this right, you can achieve a number of benefits for your organisation:

Initial Benefits

You can increase engagement to ensure that people do not sit around too long and become bored. If you’re organising a conference or similar event that involves presentations, attendees can often drift away. However, adding some gaming elements at strategic points during the event will keep your audience’s attention.

Boosting Networking

You may also be able to create better networking opportunities by bringing your attendees into an interactive discussion session. You can get them to share what they have learned, answer questions from other participants, or play memory-related games. These mutual activities will boost the communication between attendees and increase networking opportunities. In turn, each attendee will feel as if they got more from the event as a result.

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Getting Returnees

Of course, the higher the engagement and the better the networking opportunities, the more people are likely to return in the future. In addition, they’re likely to spread the good word about your events, so you can attract a wider audience. Fiscally speaking, this should give your company a much higher return on investment from upcoming events.


Enhancing Your Brand

Don’t forget that event gamification can make your brand stand out. Whether you’re running a trade show or conference, you’re bound to leave some positive memories in the minds of your audience members. Again, this will prompt them to spread the word about the event and your brand.



Collecting Data

You can also gather lots of good data when you gamify your events. This is particularly the case where you use the latest technology and run elements such as digital polling. You can also think about interactive quizzes or videos to engage your audience and gather valuable information about their likes, wants, or personality traits. In short, you get to know them a lot better for the answers and actions associated with each game.

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Proceeding Effectively

Introduce a gaming element strategically, and do not go overboard. When you’re thinking about event gamification, keep your participants focused. Also, ensure that your games align with the event and do not try to fit a square peg into a round hole. After all, if you try to introduce a gaming element that simply feels out of place, you’re likely to confuse your audience instead.

Getting Prepared

As you think about event production for your next masterpiece, don’t forget to book some high-quality event staff as well. You may need some good people to help roll out the best games or to help you deploy product samples. In every case, whenever you are looking for the best staff members, reach out to Eventeem, the country’s leading agency.