Eventeem Snapshots: CRM Students

22 Oct

Eventeem Snapshots is our chance to provide you with a glimpse into some of the high-profile promotional events and activations that we’re staffing across the UK.  This month we’ve been promoting awareness of the 23,000 available student beds across the UK for the UK’s largest independent student accommodation provider, CRM Students.

CRM MediaWalkers 

What we did: 12 University towns and cities targeted across August 2018.  Our expert teams of brand ambassadors went out and about with MediaWalkers and leaflets to generate awareness and accommodation rental sales leads among target students for CRM Students. Accommodation options to suit every student budget, from flat shares with friends to luxury studio apartments in serviced buildings, were promoted in locations including Cardiff, Portsmouth, Southampton, Newcastle and Reading.

What we achieved: over 17,000 students engaged across 12 locations in 2 weeks.  Resulting in an increase in enquiries and leads for the relevant accommodation.

Brand ambassadors that are both brilliant and on-brand will interact with your target audience authentically and successfully, so for each event, we work with our clients to source exactly the right people for the job, anywhere in the UK. For the UK’s leading promotional staff >> hello@eventeem.co.uk