eventeem snapshots – Dragon Cheese

16 Feb

To mark the start of a long and exciting campaign for South Caernafon Creameries for the upcoming months, we had a great opportunity to complete the first product sampling activity for Dragon Cheese last week at Asda Cardiff Bay.

South Caernafon Creameries’ Dragon cheese is made using only the very best Welsh milk from their farmers and using their traditional recipes. To promote this delicious product, we have worked with South Caernafon Creameries to organise several promotional activities starting this February.

To ensure campaign success, we have booked an experienced and hard working senior brand ambassador for the in-store sampling activity throughout South Wales. Our brand ambassador is working independently to provide product samples and product information to the public, successfully raising the public’s awareness of the product.


If you need brand ambassadors or promotional staff, just contact us and we will find the right people for your in-store sampling activity.