eventeem snapshots – Garth Bakery

24 Jun

eventeem snapshots is our chance to provide you with a glimpse into the promotional events we’re staffing across the UK. We’re always delighted to work with  local brands and this snapshot highlights our work with Garth Bakery as we provide an engaging member of staff to provide samples to Asda shoppers in Brynmawr.

Garth Bakery, which has its roots firmly based in the South Wales area, has been trading for over 30 years. They have been serving most of the schools in South Wales for over twenty five years, and Asda stores for twelve years. They also serve the Coop stores and the convenience sector in South Wales. Most recently Garth Bakery products have also become available in twenty eight Tesco stores.

As part of their strategy to promote their products and consequently drive sales, Garth Bakery approached eventeem to organise a sampling campaign at Asda Brynmawr. As with every client, we found the most suitable person to work for the brand; one of our most experienced senior brand ambassadors who has also worked with many other local brands in the past. As a result, she engaged with over 400 people and distributed over 350 samples of Garth Bakery’s products.


If you need experienced and engaging promotional staff for your in-store sampling campaign, just contact us and we will find the right people for your brand.