eventeem snapshots – PEK-Man

03 Jun

eventeem snapshots is our chance to provide you with a glimpse into the events we’re staffing across the UK. Within 4 days, our staff toured 16 locations to support the promotion of PEK canned meats in various B&M stores in the North East.

PEK is an iconic brand in the UK with over 50 years heritage, and its popularity stemming from its great value and high quality products.

To support the in store promotion of their products we recruited an experienced, enthusiastic and energetic character actor to the wear the PEK-Man costume with a team leader to oversee the activity and act as the character’s chaperone.

Staff increased brand awareness by encouraging consumers to have a picture taken with the costume, sharing social content and by distributing merchandise to encourage sales.


If you need a character actor or promotional staff, just contact us and we will find the right people for your campaign.