eventeemer of the month – Heather Wildman

27 Feb

Meet Heather Wildman..

February #eventeemer of the month!

RoleBrand Ambassador / Team Leader

Nearest City: Watford

Chosen For: Her positive attitude, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile.



Heather joined eventeem team in 2017 having over 27 years’ experience within the promotional world. Heather is known for her fun and friendly personality whilst being very hard working with any job that is given to her. Heather is a valued member of the eventeem family, as we know she will always deliver great results with her experience and bubbly personality.


We put some questions to Heather…

What has been your favorite/most memorable job to date?

If i’m honest I don’t have a favorite or a most memorable job, every job I’ve ever done has been memorable.


How did your career in events and promotions begin, what is your background?

When I was 18 years old I was a professional singer and was signed to AM/PM Part of Warner Bro Record Label. A friend suggested that I go into promotions when I wasn’t singing. I haven’t looked back since. 30 years in the industry and still love my job!


What type of campaign or event do you most enjoy working on and why?

I enjoy touring campaigns as I get the chance to drive to different places around the UK and Europe. Meeting different people and most of all have fun! I do live working at festivals too, I mean who doesn’t?


In your opinion, what makes the perfect brand ambassador?

What makes a perfect brand ambassador is firstly a can do attitude, being part of a team means working together to make the campaign go smoothly, whilst still having a great time. Being friendly to both members of your team and to the clients is a must! Proactive all the way.


Finally, how do you find working for eventeem?

I find working for Eventeem Great, very Professional and I like the way they treat their Staff. What more could you want?



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