eventeemer of the month – amanda lilliu

01 Mar


Meet Amanda Lilliu…

February #eventeemer of the month!


Role: Brand Ambassador
Nearest City: Leeds

Chosen For: Her brilliant work, dependability and reliability to do the best that she can on any campaign that she is assigned to.
Amanda has been working for eventeem since the summer of 2015 and has pro-actively taken on a mixture of both brand ambassador and senior brand ambassador roles for various clients. She is very experienced in a variety of customer facing roles and has demonstrated high professionalism at all times.
With a bubbly and engaging personality, Amanda knows how to interact with the public effectively and her positive persona also makes her a great person to work with.

We put some questions to Amanda…


Amanda, what type of campaign or event do you enjoy most and why?

The campaigns which I enjoy most are usually high profile events such as the “The Great Yorkshire Show” and “Tour de France” where there are lots of people and there is a great party atmosphere.  However there are some jobs which surprise me.  Some that may be assumed as dull and repetitive can turn out to be the best.

It always helps working with a great team or in a store where there are friendly and helpful staff. I have met some truly fantastic people working on campaigns and even if it’s not possible to keep in touch all the time, at some point in time, I will meet up with them again through work and it makes the day more special as you have so much to catch up on.


How did your career in events and promotions begin, what is your background?

For as long as I can remember I have always worked in promotions as it is a job that fits in with my lifestyle. The variety is fantastic and it offers lots of opportunities for people of different ages.  Even though most of my working life has been in an office, during the weekends I always looked forward to doing some promo work.  When I was young I always wanted to be a “Butlin’s Red Coat” – sadly this never happened, but through promo work the entertainer in me is released and I have sort of fulfilled my dream!


If you were to give advice to a fellow brand ambassador, what would it be?

I always think whatever job you are doing, however small, do your best and try and get results.  It surprised me how much money is needed to create any campaign and I am constantly aware of this, so it’s a good feeling if you can excel in sales or get the message into people’s mind.  Happy people make a campaign successful.

If you enjoy doing your job, the public can see this and it makes you much more approachable and people are more inclined to interact with you and listen.

I feel that with any campaign work it is very important to research whatever it is you are promoting.  If it’s in a specific venue then make sure you know where it is to give directions and what will be going on there.  If it’s a sampling job always think how you can expand your market to improve sales.

Additionally, leafleting can go down like a lead balloon if you just hand out leaflets and say nothing, people just bin them.  Always show enthusiasm in whatever you are promoting.

What I love most about promo work is the variety, the travel (I have worked in so many interesting places) and definitely the people, so many inspirational characters.  It is a job where you can be yourself, if you feel like a dance in the street then go for it.  There is so much more freedom in promo work.


What are you up to when you are not working on promotional campaigns?  

When I am not working I am always doing something.  I love going out with my dog on long walks to enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside.  I am passionate about food, I adore cooking and I am very experimental with my cuisine.

Next week I am throwing an Italian dinner party for my lady friends at “Come Dine With Me” so watch out for me.


What has been your favourite/most memorable job to date?

One of my most memorable jobs was last year when I worked for eventeem at Lotherton Hall for Action Challenge.  All my favourite things were put together in one event, it was amazing.

The event was sponsored by British Gas for their employees; as soon as I arrived for work, a delicious continental breakfast was laid out for the staff.  The activities included in the event were cycle trails, walks, dog shows, numerous fairground rides and activities for the children.  In the break we were given a pass to enjoy a superb lunch.  It was a very happy day and I didn’t want it to end.


Finally, Amanda, how do you find working for eventeem?

I love working for eventeem and want to work for them for the rest of my life!  It is an agency that treats people like humans not just a number on the payroll.  They are always friendly and keep you informed about work.  There is nothing worse than agencies booking you for a job or keep you hanging on then letting you down.  This doesn’t happen at eventeem and for this reason I think they get the best out of their staff.


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