eventeemer of the month – christal o’connor

30 Oct

Meet Christal O’Connor…

October #eventeemer of the month!


Role:  Senior Brand Ambassador / Team Leader

Nearest City:  Birmingham

Chosen For: Her dependability and consistency, always giving 100% and applying consideration, attention to detail and pride in her work


Christal started working with eventeem at the end of 2014 and has been an asset to the agency ever since. Having worked in numerous capacities for many of our clients, Christal has shown to be versatile and committed, always paying close attention to detail and fulfilling her brief to the highest of standards.

More recently Christal has been working at a senior level on our automotive event staff team, displaying excellent communication and leadership skills and liaising closely with us here in the office to execute campaigns seamlessly and achieve great results.

Based in Birmingham, Christal is able to cover much of the West Midlands and beyond, frequently travelling throughout the UK to represent brands in all major cities and regions.



Christal, how did your career in events and promotions begin, what is your background?

My career in events and promotions began in 2012 when I graduated from the New York Film academy in Los Angeles studying Acting for Film. I then returned to sunny England and worked full time as the Head hostess at the Birmingham Rep Theatre which always had a variety of different events on, I would get involved in the events department as much as possible as I found it really interesting. I then decided to join an agency and started doing promotional work on the weekends. Being a person who loves engaging with people and being active it was perfect for me. I enjoyed working for different brands and meeting new artistic people so much that I soon left my job at the theatre and went full swing into promotions and events whilst doing the odd acting jobs on the side. I always felt I possessed qualities in a variety of areas so sticking to one job only wasn’t allowing me to use my skills and talent to the fullest, taking a step into the events and promotions world was one of the best decisions I have made and I couldn’t be happier with what I do 😀


What is your favourite type of event or campaign to work on and why?

I enjoy experiential campaigns as there is usually an interactive technical aspect to the campaign and I enjoy gadgets and all thinks techy. I also quite like working for sport brand events such as Nike as they always seem to have huge events with showcases, celebs and music, and they are always very exclusive and have a lot going on which keeps me active – I love variety and fashion and used to be an athlete so these events are always a win win for me!


What has been your favourite/most memorable job to date?

That’s a hard question, I do really enjoy working for car brands and I’ve been lucky enough to work continuously throughout the year on automotive campaigns for eventeem. But if I had to pick my most memorable job so far it would be the Pringles tour for Kellogg’s this summer – we visited a variety of festivals including Latitude, Ocean Fest and Vfest. Simply because it was so much fun, my job was to play games such as limbo, karaoke, twister and hula hooping with everyone who came to our stand, as well as handing out free tubes of Pringles. It didn’t feel like work at all, I worked with an amazing team and we all got along great with each other and the client too which always helps!


What are you up to when you are not working at events or on promotional activity?

When I’m not doing promotional work I am keeping busy in the wonderful world of showbiz. I’m an actor, so the flexibility of events and promotions works perfectly around my acting. I work mainly within film, television and commercial and I’m about to start filming for an American TV series next month 🙂


Finally, how do you find working for eventeem?

I love working for eventeem, they are personable, friendly, professional, reliable and a fun agency to work for. They are always at hand when needed so I feel that if there is anything I am unsure about before heading off to an event or promotional activity, I can always pick up the phone and speak to Hayley or Ceri, they ensure that their staff are kept happy and they have some of the biggest and best brands under their umbrella. I only hope that I continue to work with eventeem closely for many years to come 🙂


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