eventeemer of the month – eyan mckoy

04 May


Meet Eyan McKoy…

April #eventeemer of the month!


Role: Senior Brand Ambassador / Team Leader / Event Manager

Nearest City:  Leeds / Manchester

Chosen For: Always being a reliable and diligent member of staff whether working at brand ambassador or a more senior event manager level, and always going above and beyond what is expected of him!

We have been working with Eyan for a number of years and he has always been one of our most positive and enthusiastic members of staff. He never fails to motivate a team, ensuring that they work hard but enjoy themselves too. With experience in a wide range of campaigns, Eyan has consistently received great feedback from our clients and has remained a loyal and trustworthy member of the team.

We put some questions to Eyan…


Eyan, how long have you worked in the events industry, and what drew you to it initially?

I have been in the industry now for over 10 years. After working in an administrative environment for 20 years, I can’t be caged! I love the flexibility and the choice to work so many different campaigns.


What type of campaign or event do you most enjoy working on and why?

I love working at automotive events and over the last 3 years I have become more and more of a car enthusiast and I thoroughly enjoy speaking to other enthusiasts alike.


What are you up to when you are not working on promotional campaigns?

When I am not working I enjoy going to the gym, swimming, reading and socialising. I have also just taken up baking, however I don’t think you’ll see me on the Great British Bake Off any time soon.


In your opinion, what makes the perfect brand ambassador?

The perfect brand ambassador needs to understand the market place and have a good idea of the role he/she has to play to bring success to the campaign.


What has been your favourite/most memorable job to date?

There have been so many; however my favourite and most memorable job has to be working on IRN Bru at the Ethiad Stadium rugby finals as the atmosphere was so electric and it even gave me goosebumps.


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