eventeemer of the month – krista spampinato-tabone

02 Sep

Meet Krista Spampinato-Tabone…

August #eventeemer of the month!


Role: Brand Ambassador and Event Manager

Nearest City: London

Chosen For: Her total flexibility, dedication and resilience when faced with a challenge!

Krista is a hard working and experienced event manager who has worked for us in a variety of roles, always displaying an unrivalled determination to succeed and doing whatever it takes to make every campaign a success, especially at our automotive events.

Krista continually receives gleaming feedback from clients and team members alike and has proven to be a practical and quick thinking leader who we can depend on under any circumstances.

This month has seen her battling the British summer weather and various other obstacles to seamlessly deliver numerous campaigns throughout London and we are looking forward to working with Krista again soon with a number of exciting roles in the pipeline!

We put some questions to Krista…


Krista, how did you discover promotions and why did you feel this industry was right for you?

I discovered promotions through my sister Fabby. After leaving stage school it was a flexible job that worked around castings and auditions. Working in different locations with new experiences is why I enjoy promotions.


What type of campaign or event do you most enjoy working on and why?

I love being hands on! I love setting up equipment/stands along with the general running of an event or campaign. My favourite campaigns are outdoor campaigns (not when it’s minus 1 degrees though)!


What are you up to when you are not working on promotional campaigns?

My background is TV and Film. I’ve worked in many areas of this industry but now work mainly in action driving/vehicles, body doubling and as a stand-in.


Having worked as a both a brand ambassador and an event manager, what do you think makes a great leader?

I think organisation and preparation is imperative! Understanding the product or task and being able to give answers to questions. Communication with your staff is important, listening to suggestions and creating a friendly yet professional atmosphere is my aim when Event Managing. Professionalism is important to me, I believe there is a time and place for everything!


What has been your favourite/most memorable job to date?

This is a hard question! Memorable rather than favourable comes to mind first! I once worked on a promotion that involved being body painted as a tiger (I was wearing a thin leotard as well) being lead on a lead by the ‘zoo keeper’ around central London! I should add, the promotion was for a Zoo!


Finally, how do you find working for eventeem?

I love working for eventeem and you guys are my preference any day! A few reasons I enjoy working for eventeem are because you are approachable, fair, friendly and professional. You always try and accommodate to suit everyone and are quick to address or respond to any queries. Hayley, you’re a star! Thank you for all your hard work.


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