EventStream – Cadbury Cadvent Calender

10 Dec

From experiential and guerrilla marketing to viral campaigns and pop-ups, EventStream is where we comment on the events that have caught our eye from across the world. Today, it’s the Cadbury Christmas campaign


Cadbury opens the door to Christmas

Christmas brings out the inner child in all of us and this year Cadbury are hoping to inspire even more festive wonder than usual.

Let’s face it, no matter how old you are, there’s still something exciting about marking the beginning of the Christmas countdown with your very own advent calendar. Just seeing what little treat lies behind each door is all it takes to conjure up some Christmas spirit.




This year Cadbury have managed to surpass all these festive expectations by creating the ultimate Christmas countdown; 24 numbered trucks that form one huge advent calendar. Their mission? To deliver the Christmas gift of joy and chocolate to the nation!


The campaign

Mondelèz International created this real-life 24-day advent calendar, with each Cadbury truck representing a different door. The trucks will be deployed to various secret locations in a delicious countdown to Christmas. So far we’ve already seen a real-life grotto made of chocolate, a giant mistletoe scene, a free cinema experience and a giant Cadbury Christmas tree.

Of course, for a campaign of this size, Cadbury needed some festive little helpers in the form of promotional event staff. Sampling staff have also been on hand to give out free chocolate to the lucky locals that happen to stumble across the purple trucks.


The concept

The idea was to create an experience that captured the childhood excitement of opening the doors to your advent calendar and this one-of-a-kind creation does exactly that on an impressive scale. With each day that passes the campaign inspires both young and old, with people becoming more and more excited to see what’s coming next, brilliantly mirroring the anticipation of the arrival of Christmas.




The highlight

With the campaign still only half way through it almost seems too early to announce our highlight. However if we had to pick a favourite treat so far, we’d have to go with door number one. Liverpool shoppers were treated to a giant grotto constructed from chocolate on the first day. The walls were built with 1250 chocolate bars, and it even featured a rug made from 6,150 individual Cadbury’s Roses. There was even a carefully crafted fireplace, although this was made out of Crunchie bars in order to stop the entire grotto from melting!



The result

The #Cadvent experience will be running right up until Christmas, so it’s much too early to comment on the final results of the campaign. Although it is already proving to be a social media success and, with a budget of over £10Million, it looks like even Santa Claus himself has some serious competition on his hands when it comes to spreading the festive joy this Christmas. We can’t wait to see what’s behind door number 24!


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