EventStream – IKEA “Breakfast in Bed”

11 Jun

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IKEA – “The Breakfast Club”

Don’t you just hate it when you go furniture shopping and you’re not allowed to crawl into those big, comfy beds? Well, if you’d visited IKEA’s pop-up store in Shoreditch on the 19th or 20th May this year, then you might have been one of the lucky people able to book a unique  breakfast-in-bed experience, completely free of charge.


(Image Source; IKEA)


The Concept

After a survey of 2,000 Brits found that 50% had never enjoyed breakfast in bed, IKEA decided they wanted to give everyone the opportunity to experience it.

The aim of the campaign was to create a truly memorable experience for IKEA customers by marrying the brand with an experience traditionally associated with home-comforts, happiness, and loved-ones.  As far as being treated to breakfast in bed by one of the world’s leading bedroom furniture suppliers goes, we think that’s the ultimate in memorable, experiential marketing!


The Campaign

This campaign offered customers the chance to engage with the brand in a unique manner, by constructing a pop-up bed-café in Shoreditch. The cafe itself, crammed with cosy beds and decked out in IKEA’s finest furnishings, was the perfect setting for customers to receive a breakfast-in-bed experience, followed by the option to take a powernap before embarking upon their day.

With both hospitality staff and sleep specialists on hand to help execute the experience, guests were able to choose from a menu of IKEA’s most comfortable pillows — enjoying toast, tea, fresh juice and traditional Swedish delicacies in a single or double bed.

It’s clear that a great deal of detailed planning went into this campaign in order to create a memorable experience for each guest. Even the in-vogue Shoreditch location itself was a clever strategic decision — a slick nod to IKEA’s vibrant target audience.

Of course, IKEA are known for their creative marketing. The idea for this particular campaign was seeded from the success of another executed in Sydney  back in 2014, where three lucky families won a competition to spend a night in an IKEA store. As overnight guests, the winners were treated to tasty Swedish treats, luxurious bedding, and a selection of unique wake-up calls which included a bedside orchestral performance, and, wait for it… puppies. Specifically, good-morning cuddles with puppies! Nice move, IKEA.


(Image Source; IKEA)


The Highlight

The highlight of this campaign lies in its ability to create enduring memories and powerful brand associations.

By offering pampering as well as physical interaction with their product ranges, IKEA ensured that participants left feeling that their brand is one that can transform ordinary days into extraordinary ones. The small touches, such as the pillow menu, relaxation advice and even the dressing gowns and teddy bears on offer, made it a uniquely personal experience that IKEA’s guests are unlikely to forget.


The Result

IKEA’s Bed Café worked because it allowed customers to tangibly experience what really underpins their brand: comfort, relaxation, fun, and the chance to create happy memories. IKEA used their event to hold a mirror up to what we would expect from home-life; a bold and effective move.


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