EventStream – Nivea “UV Dolls”

03 Jul

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Summer holidays bring an endless stream of great memories, but there’s one memory that most parents would rather forget – the battle of keeping your children still for long enough to get sun-cream on them! Luckily, Nivea came up with a clever way to educate children about the importance of sun protection.


Sunburn Safety with Tanning Toys


The Concept

We all know that the moment children get to the beach they just want to run riot — staying still for 5 minutes to apply sun-cream becomes a battle of wills. This generally ends with the parent flustered and covered in cream while the child wriggles free and washes off any remnants of cream by diving straight into the sea.

The intention of the Nivea dolls is to provide an interactive visual aid that allows parents to explain the importance of sun-cream and go over the precise details of when to apply it. Children are instantly engaged because they now have to look after their own ‘little person’.



The Campaign

In Brazil, promotional staff took to the beach to give children dolls. However, these were no ordinary dolls – they were UV sensitive dolls. When the children applied sun-cream to the cleverly created toys they stayed the same colour. However, if they forgot to do so, the dolls’ skin would turn red in the sun to mimic the effects of sunburn. An innovative, interactive way to appeal to youngsters whilst teaching them about the importance of sun protection!



The Highlight

It’s adorably encouraging to see the children taking care of their dolls, mirroring the way that their own parents take care of them. By the end of the video, you can see the children sitting still for their parents while sun cream is being applied and they hold onto their dolls. They even start to put cream on their parents to protect them.



The Result

The Nivea campaign works because it shows children, tangibly, the effects of not wearing sun-cream and encourages healthy behaviours. The campaign demonstrated the importance of sun-protection in a way that was fun and educational for children of all ages. It would be great to see the campaign extended so that parents could actually buy the dolls, rather than them only being given out to beach-goers who happened to be in the right place at the right time!


With any event that targets parents and children, it’s vital that you have the right staff. If you’re planning a similar event, contact us and let us help you find the perfect promotional staff.

And in the brief spell of sunshine that we call British Summertime, don’t forget the sun-cream!