EventStream – Powerade “Workout Billboards”

07 Aug

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We’re all partial to a bit of a treat after a workout, but how do you feel about working up a sweat in front of dozens of commuters in order to get a free bottle of Powerade? Well, that’s precisely what Powerade’s latest promotional event was all about…


Powerade – Workout Billboards



The concept

Traditionally, an interactive billboard is just a billboard that displays messages to communicate with passersby, and nowadays the general public don’t usually bat an eyelid when they see one. However, Powerade revolutionised the concept with their recent experiential activation; these were billboards with a difference.

The series of interactive boards were set up across three cities in Germany and consisted of three specially constructed, interactive installments; a rotating rock climbing wall, a punching meter, and a pulley bar.

Powerade’s aim was to engage with and challenge the public to complete a physical workout by touching, grabbing and even climbing on the boards, testing their personal strength to be rewarded with a bottle of Powerade from their promotional staff.


The campaign

The campaign encouraged people of all ages to stop what they were doing in order to break a sweat, and demonstrate their own power, relating back to the brand’s slogan: “You have more power than you think.”

Overall, the billboards encapsulated everything that a great marketing campaign should. They were eye-catching, original and facilitated interactions between people and the brand’s promotional staff. Also, the spectacle of watching a stranger climbing a wall, or punching a billboard in the street is bound to draw attention and spark conversation!


The highlight

The campaign works well because the billboards instantly grab the attention of passersby. They also encourage people to get involved and inspire a sense of camaraderie amongst strangers as they cheer on and congratulate their fellow Powerade peers!

Although perhaps the biggest success of the workout billboards is the way in which they encourage physical interaction, not just with the experience itself but also with Powerade, perfectly aligning its brand identity with a tangible and relevant experience that is memorable for all involved.


The result

Aside from the large volume of people engaging with the campaign, the results speak for themselves; a YouTube video of the billboards has already been viewed more than 65,000 times and has gained quite a bit of traction over on Twitter. All in all, we’d call that a powerful success for Powerade.


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