What is The Definition of Experiential Marketing?

24 Jul


CMO by Adobe define experiential marketing as, “A mutually beneficial interaction between customer and brand in an authentically branded engagement.”  This modern idea of marketing is continuously evolving and, as more innovative ideas are introduced, it’s has become tougher for brands to compete with their competitors.


Experiential Marketing Definition

Marketing insight company, Pearlfinders Global Index, identified that for the past few years there’s been ongoing growth and demand for experiential and live events. This year we saw a 40% increase in the number of UK brands looking to invest.


So why is it important?

As The Drum proposed, experiential marketing is no longer the poor relation in the marketing mix. Live experiences have been elevated to a higher importance as consumers choose to share brand experiences through various social platforms.

“Experiential is increasingly being used to activate social media campaigns, therefore, being more integrated into the marketing mix.” – Mike Thorne, Editor of Pearlfinders Global Index

Furthermore, experiential is the perfect solution to achieve increased brand awareness and sales since experience has much more impact than exposure; it creates a deeper level of engagement which can only be achieved through physical experience.  So if done correctly, brands can gain customer loyalty and effectively influence purchase decisions, resulting in a greater overall return.


Experiential marketing definition


What’s next…

To excel in experiential marketing it’s essential to understand the vital elements that constitute good brand experiences.

  1. Know your brand, its values and its unique selling point
  2. Know your consumers and identify ways to make your brand relevant to them
  3. Create an emotive touch point that enables your target consumers to engage effectively with your brand

Experiential marketing is very diverse as experiences are varied. Brands can choose to engage with their consumers in a number of ways such as product sampling or guerrilla marketing.

For starters, promotional events are an effective way to engage with consumers as this provides a platform for brands to exhibit, display or present their brand or products. However, it’s important to consider that no matter what type of event or experience, offline or online – it must be memorable to make an impact.


How we can help?

Experiential marketing should be at the forefront of every brand’s creative thinking. Brands need to focus on targeting the right audience in the right way.

Here at eventeem, we continuously aim to help our clients and contribute to a successful campaign or event. Our greatest goal is to find the right people for your event and to deliver exceptional service. We recruit promotional staff that are as passionate about your brand as you are and have the personalities required to engage, connect and inspire .

Experiential marketing campaigns can be tricky and making it a success can be a challenge but we champion close attention to detail by taking the time to understand your event requirements fully before carefully matching these criteria with the right experiential solution and the right people for the job.


Contact Us us now to discuss your ideas and to find out how we can help to make your experiential event a success.