Experiential Staffing for Automotive Brands

28 Jan

Automotive Staffing Expertise

At eventeem we consider ourselves to be automotive event staffing experts. Not only because of our extensive industry experience, nor because of our dedicated automotive client services team, but the key to our success in this industry is the unquestionable results we achieve for our automotive clients >>

  • Quality engagements, lead generation & high conversion
  • Memorable brand experience
  • Brand loyalty & retention

Since our inception we have worked with multiple automotive clients on a common quest to find staff that deliver a first-class brand experience to consumers, whilst generating strong leads.

And so it began, our journey to build relationships with the finest, most accomplished automotive brand ambassadors in the UK.

Events in context

We support our automotive clients in a variety of event contexts.

  • Local / Dealership activity

This support consists of providing a small team of brand ambassadors, usually just one or two, to support a local dealership with product placements at regional shopping centres, county shows and local events.

It’s vital that the staff we enlist for these events are not only able to ensure a positive customer experience, but also have an acute commercial awareness and a keen eye for lead generation.

Automotive Event Staffing

Suzuki dealership placement

  • National events

Generally larger events in terms of budget and size, often taking place at automotive specialist events, premium shopping centres and other high footfall consumer shows.

Whilst lead generation is always a key part of automotive activations, at larger national events, the focus is often on delivering an exemplary brand experience for the consumer that is memorable for all the right reasons, instigating brand loyalty and advocacy. The staff we select for national events will be the brand personified; immaculately presented, articulate and armed with fantastic brand and product knowledge.

Automotive Event Staffing

Porsche brand experience

Knowledge is power

Automotive experiential activations demand a decent investment in terms of budget and resource so arming our automotive brand ambassadors with plentiful knowledge and brand expertise is vital in ensuring the success of the placement.

As such, many of our automotive clients opt to train a core team of staff that will represent the brand throughout the year in a rigorous calendar of events, both national and local in nature.

What makes an automotive brand ambassador?

Regardless of the event context, there are a few key attributes that we deem to be essential when sourcing new recruits for our automotive teams;

  • Industry experience – the majority of our automotive event staff have prior sector experience, and already have an excellent understanding of the customer journey as a whole. They will have a proven ability to deliver tangible results and demonstrate competence in digesting and retaining technical information and complex specifications, which they can effortlessly communicate to consumers, in a manner that can be easily understood.

There are however some exceptions to this rule, and we will also consider brand ambassadors that have excelled for us in another industry, that demonstrate strong customer service skills and that are well versed in identifying opportunities to connect with a customer.

  • Meticulous presentation – as with all industries, our automotive staff become the face of our clients’ brands, and usually the first point of contact for the consumer. As such the way in which they present themselves both physically and in terms of their demeanour, is vital. Our automotive event staff understand how crucial it is that they remain professional and unflustered under all circumstances when in a customer or client facing role.

We commonly distribute style guidelines alongside each event brief, to ensure our teams remain on brand for the duration of their placements.

  • A vested interest – first and foremost, a personal interest in cars is essential. The majority of our automotive staff are self-confessed automotive enthusiasts and dedicate time outside of their work, to their passion for all things motoring. At the very least, each member of our team will be a car owner and will take a keen interest in the vehicles they drive and the features that resonate with them when selecting their next model.
  • Commitment & flexibility – automotive activations can be a big commitment. Placements are often long, hours can be unsociable, and the work can form the bulk of a brand ambassador’s work for the year. Therefore, when recruiting for a core team especially, we ensure that our staff work in the promotional industry or on a freelance basis full time, so they are able to commit to the lengthy placements and be flexible for last minute requests. Furthermore, a willingness to travel out of their area when required is essential. Our automotive staff have to be the best of the bunch – dedicated to the cause and with an unrivalled work ethic 

Automotive Event Staff

Volkswagen dealership placement

Reaching the right candidates

Ensuring our automotive staff fit the bill is no straightforward task. Often tasked with locating staff able to work in remote locations means we sometimes need to get a bit creative with our recruitment.

  • Where relationships matter – throughout the agency, we pride ourselves on maintaining great relationships with our staff, working with a carefully curated and relatively small staff pool in comparison to some of our competitors. As such we are able to offer our trusted promotional staff regular work, promoting greater loyalty and consistency, also enabling us to build a clear picture of their capability, reliability and work ethic which proves invaluable when identifying new candidates for our automotive teams, amongst our existing brand ambassador pool.


  • Reliable referrals – having such strong relationships with our staff also means we can look to our current automotive teams to recommend excellent people they have worked with, outside of the work they do for eventeem. We regularly receive recommendations from our brand ambassadors, who refer colleagues that are super keen to secure an opportunity to be considered for our teams. Since our existing staff are already familiar with our high standards and stringent recruitment process, the candidates they recommend are often amongst the best.


  • Headhunting – we have a dedicated recruitment & employee engagement manager at eventeem, and part of his job is to attend consumer shows and automotive events throughout the county, scoping the talent and cherry picking the stand-out candidates for our brand ambassador recruitment program. We look for event staff that are perfectly presented, that have great knowledge of the brand they are representing, that are able to engage authentically, communicate effectively and that deliver a positive brand experience. Those that cut the mustard are invited to apply to join our ranks.

Automotive Event Staffing

Ford dealership event 

When it comes to automotive, we really do believe that we have the best event staff in the business. This, combined with our stringent recruitment program and investment in our relationships with them, means we’re able to deliver for our clients year on year. Talk to us today >> hello@eventeem.co.uk / 02921 676 500.