Fentimans – Botanical Pop-up Bar Tour

24 Apr


Commencing at the Greenwich Tall Ships Festival last weekend, botanical soft drinks brand Fentimans has launched a pop-up experiential bar tour, visiting festivals of all kinds throughout the UK this summer.


What Are They Doing?

The tour brings with it a specially crafted menu of cocktails and craft spirits, each featuring Fentimans’ own soft drinks and mixers to give them a unique edge. Customers should expect a menu full of meticulously designed cocktails, hand-mixed drinks and distinctly British flavourings.

Speaking of British things, the tour follows a traditional British summer garden theme, complete with deck chairs and over-sized umbrellas (for rain or shine) in a haven of greenery, topped off by live entertainment, specially selected to fit the host festival.

Richard Cooper, head of partnerships and events at Fentimans, said on the campaign:

“It’s set to be a very exciting summer for Fentimans as we look forward to bringing our new botanical bar to numerous events across the UK.

We can tell people how different we are, but to truly understand what’s special about the Fentimans flavour you need to take a personal taste adventure. We’ve always invested in creative ways to bring the Fentimans drinking experience to life and this year we’ll be doing more than ever, with our Botanical Bar popping up at some of the most exciting events on the summer calendar.”


Why Do We Like It?

Fentimans actively attack their niche with regular experiential campaigns, this one demonstrates another example of perfect planning and execution. A refreshing, yet alcoholic, botanical cocktail is the exact sort of thing a parched festival-goer is praying for, and with the inclusion of live entertainment, the activation has its hook to draw customers in.

This can often be the biggest threat to the success of a pop-up bar, particularly in festival locations where competition is fierce!


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