Go Outdoors – ‘Gocation’ Pop-up Campsite

22 May



‘Gocation’ Pop-up Campsite


The Aim

To encourage the British public to take their holidays a little closer to home.


What Are They Doing?

Starting next month, Go Outdoors are creating a pop-up campsite in light of new research, which discovered: 80% of travelers found going abroad stressful, whilst a domestic holiday avoided exhaustion and was therefore more enjoyable. The same study found 87% of those surveyed felt happier and healthier, whilst exposure to the fresh air increased time spent with the family.

The aptly-named ‘Gocation’ campsite will be open from 2nd-5th June, welcoming all visitors with one night’s stay completely free of charge. If the price-tag doesn’t sway you, the location in the ‘wilds’ of Kent comes complete with pre-pitched tents, outdoor seating and tables, a large communal fire pit; whilst a variety of classic outdoors activities, including hiking and rounders, will be on offer for the active traveler.


Why Do We Like It?

Firstly, the ‘Gocation’ is built on a foundation of data-backed research, a necessity in modern marketing where missteps can mean wasting entire budgets on poorly targeted campaigns. This study helped GO Outdoors identify an issue, ideate a solution and execute a campaign for which there is a proven desire. Budding experiential marketers take note!

Furthermore, on the surface, this campaign is providing value for seemingly nothing in return. However, subtly, GO Outdoors are extracting value in their own way. The campaign encourages both the trial of GO Outdoors products and the trial of an outdoors holiday. Those who enjoy the experience, and plan a repeat trip in future, will surely use GO Outdoors as their first port of call for equipment, advice and apparel.

Finally, the ‘Gocation’ is a success in terms of solving paint points. It takes away the stress of planning activities, buying equipment, pitching tents and renting spaces, leaving in its place the simple enjoyment of fresh air and the great outdoors.


We’re fortunate to have worked with GO Outdoors before, perhaps you’re in need of promotional staff for an experiential campaign, or simply just a hand with planning? Either way, feel free to contact us today, we’re here to help.