Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Innovative Product Promotion

10 Jul

You may have tried all the marketing techniques under the sun as a business owner. But have you tried something different in the form of a guerrilla marketing strategy? What are some of the tactics you can employ for innovative product promotion?

What’s Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing can be incredibly effective, especially for those organisations that do not have much to spend on promotion. By its very nature, guerrilla marketing examples are unusual, creative or “off the wall” and can go a long way to boost brand awareness, increase exposure and foster loyalty. One survey found that 90% of consumers thought guerrilla marketing campaigns were more memorable compared to 30% for traditional advertising.

Ambush Marketing

Here, you can piggyback on an existing audience already in a captive setting or attending another event. Your prospect would be inclined to stay in the location as they are getting ready for the other event or may already have paid to be there. As such, they are likely to give you their undivided attention. For example, this is where a flash mob can be very effective. Without warning, a group of individuals will suddenly engage in an activity before quickly dispersing.

Guerrilla Marketing Examples
Guerrilla Marketing

Buzz Marketing

This guerrilla marketing example brings in a celebrity or high-profile individual endorsement. In turn, this will create a buzz and word-of-mouth exposure. The event that creates the buzz may not be directly related to the brand that gets the benefit. While it requires minimal involvement or planning, it can be incredibly cost-effective as a marketing initiative.

Experiential Marketing

Here, customers are invited to experience the product or service created by the business by being directly involved in the marketing campaign itself. This means that the “ordinary” consumer is the co-creator of the marketing campaign and can be seen to have an emotional attachment to the business, product or service. This should be relatively easy to set up to make it as accessible as possible. One way to do this is to “gamify” your product. As prospects take part and “win,” they develop a sense of accomplishment that can be a powerful and emotional connection to your product.

Guerrilla Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages
Guerrilla Marketing Examples

Grassroots Marketing

This guerrilla marketing idea targets a small customer base but zeros in on an activity that generates some passion. For example, your company could support a good cause and, in so doing, be seen as a valuable contributor in the eyes of a prospect. As your organisation is supporting a noble cause, your brand or product could enjoy a massive boost in popularity.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Street Marketing

Many consumers tend to switch off when they see a traditional marketing message, as they get bombarded during a given day. In one survey, eight out of ten people said that ads were just annoying. However, with street marketing, you will project your message in a very unusual and unexpected way. It’s also known as “undercover” marketing, as the message does not appear like a traditional advertisement. In other words, you’re marketing to people without them realising that you’re doing so.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Guerrilla Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages

Stealth Marketing

This guerrilla marketing idea is quite crafty in that it can reach a customer through a subtle but creative marketing strategy. Moviemakers use this strategy through product placement, where a particular brand or product features extensively throughout the production. This is a longer-term initiative, as it creates awareness and interest rather than direct sales. However, it is typically low-cost and can therefore be of great value to the business.

Make Sure You Are Well Prepared for Your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

So, once you’ve considered the guerrilla marketing advantages and disadvantages and want to proceed, you will need to get all the details in place. Importantly, you need the best event staff you can find and should turn to one of the country’s leading staffing agencies for help. Eventeem can provide you with handpicked and experienced promotional staff to help you run a successful campaign and maximise your investment. Get in touch with one of the team members for further advice.