Why Is Customer Perception So Important for Your Business?

24 Feb

No commercial organisation can survive if it cannot persuade customers to engage. To do this, owners and managers must present the company in such a way that consumers are convinced by the value proposition and are happy to do business. But before any organisation can reach these goals, it must pay very close attention to customer perception. It’s a tricky skill to master but nevertheless crucial as part of the big picture.

So, what is the role of perception in consumer behaviour, and what can you do to affect it?

Customer Perceived Value
Customer Perceived Value

Customer Perception and Meaning

Customer perception affects a range of emotions. It will define how each consumer views the organisation and encompasses a range of opinions, feelings and beliefs. It can involve far more than just the experience while the product or service is delivered. To a customer, perceived value can also be influenced by indirect interactions, and some elements are beyond the organisation’s direct control.

Understand the Importance of Customer Perceived Value

Consumer perception is important because it can undoubtedly impact profits and determine whether a company is successful or not. After all, it’s crucial to retain a customer once they first come on board, and it costs far more to find a new one. Once you understand the true value of a single customer, you’ll realise why retention is so crucial. So, if the customer’s perception of service is that it’s substandard, they may leave even if you think you are providing a quality product or service.

The Impact of Negative Reviews

Remember, customers love to share their experiences, both positive and negative. However, they may be more likely to spread the word if they receive bad service. They may tell 9 to 15 other people about their experience, and if they are unhappy, there is a 91% chance that they won’t give you their business again. And a bad review could make a big difference in how other consumers perceive value, with a nasty knock-on effect.

Customer Perception of Service
Customer Perception of Service

How to Improve Consumer Perception

While you may not be able to directly affect any social media reviews and other word-of-mouth communications, you can do your utmost to provide stellar service and improve their perception of your brand. You should also be prepared to take action quickly if you do come across some negative feedback and there appears to be a trend.

Improve Customer Support

Always make sure that your customer support is exemplary. Are you giving your consumers enough information to help them quickly deal with simple problems? Do you need to add FAQ pages, introduce extensive knowledgebase or set up a multichannel support solution? Whenever a query requires a response from your organisation, do so swiftly. Otherwise, you could let the problem fester and expect worse results.

Spread the Good Word

Don’t be afraid to tell prospects and consumers about your exemplary customer service. Other customers will notice how happy their peers may be about your product or service and may be more likely to view your brand positively.

Get Everyone On Board

Your organisation extends far beyond the customer service team, so engage everyone on your staff and ensure they understand the meaning of customer perception. Then, make sure that your customer service team interacts with other members and is aware of any issue with product policy. Get everyone on board and act as quickly as possible to cut off any issues before they develop.

Be Proactive on Social Media

Like it or not, the way your brand is perceived on social media is hugely important, so engage in these channels. Don’t ignore any negative comments but be open, positive and understanding. Do whatever you can to restore your positive brand identity.

Perception in Consumer Behaviour
Perception in Consumer Behaviour

Gather Customer Feedback

Get into the habit of gathering customer feedback at every stage of the customer journey. Then, make sure you act on any feedback, whether bad or good. Guarantee that your client is respected and show them that you value their opinion.

Work with a Professional Events Team

If you plan to organise any events to help with customer relations, ensure that you have the best event staff. This will go a long way to help with consumer perception, so make sure that you only employ a professional team. Reach out to one of the best promotional agencies in the UK, and the friendly representatives at Eventeem will be only too delighted to help.