How to Organise a Touring Event to Promote the Sales of a New Car

15 Mar

When trying to sell new cars, you may often need to take a different marketing approach. After all, you need to ensure that those pristine vehicles sitting on your forecourt are sold as soon as possible so you can keep your stock fresh and satisfy your targets. Sometimes, you need to be more proactive than passive and consider organising a special event to promote vehicle sales. But what type of event should you consider, and how should you go about it?

The Lure of Events

As you may know, people love to take part in automotive events. If they enjoy the thrill of driving, they are drawn to anything that could enhance that experience, which is why there are so many of these events throughout the year. So why not consider organising a touring event dedicated to one purpose: selling more cars? This can be a remarkably successful initiative if you go about it correctly.

Create a Difference

You may be wondering about the difference between this type of event and a conventional test drive. In the latter case, you typically drive the vehicle around a few city blocks close to your dealership, which does not give the potential buyer much time to sample the vehicle. Alternatively, if you organise a touring event, this will give you much more of an opportunity to introduce prospects to each vehicle. In addition, as the event will have a structure of its own, potential buyers will likely be more engaged.

Automotive Events
Automotive Events

Identify Your Strategy

So the first step is to identify what cars you want to sell and prepare them for the event. You must ensure that your event has a proper structure, which may take some focus as you prepare. Some dealers will bring in a dedicated automotive event organiser for this element as they will have experience in this area.

Plan Your Route

Plan a route that includes a variety of different roads. For example, it may wind its way through twisty back roads in the hill country, speed through some motorway sections, and coast along link roads in between. So, you’ll be able to introduce each driver to various situations, and they’ll really get to sample the car as it performs in everyday life.

Set Out the Details

Some organisers will choose to hold a more prolonged event that may last several hours, especially if the vehicle concerned has a higher price tag. In this case, they may include a halfway stop at a nice restaurant so the participants can enjoy a break. Of course, this may be just one element of your automotive event management, but ensure it is well-planned and likely to impress your potential buyers.

You may also want to give them a goody bag to take away at the end. Perhaps you’ll include one of your branded calendars, a coffee mug or other giveaways, and these gifts should be proportionate to the status of the buyer and the type of car in question.

Automotive Event Organiser
Automotive Event Organiser

Invite Your Prospects to Attend

Once you’ve designed your touring event, identify some of your best prospects and invite them to attend. The beauty of this type of event is that your attendees will feel as if they “belong” or enjoy a sense of camaraderie with other participants. Don’t underestimate the impact your events may have in helping convince your prospects to bite.

Get Professional Help

Finally, you may need some dedicated automotive event staff to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. So to hire experienced and skilful team members, reach out to the experts at Eventeem.