Love Your Pet Day | eventeem Blog

15 Feb

Eventeem staff have written a short paragraph to give you an Insight into their pets personalities with an added photo to show off their adorable faces!

 Boots, KT and Narla

Our MD Ceri has three cats, two of which she’s had for 11 years and one that she rescued more recently. “Having had two male cats that have brought chaos to my home for the past 11 years I was dubious introducing a third! But Narla, being the only female, has brought with her an air of sophistication and effortlessly keeps the lads in check”.

“The thing I love most about my cats are how they are now firm friends and how KT and Boots always keep an eye on Narla when she ventures beyond the garden fence!” – Ceri


Our Client Account Manager Hayley has a 5 year old cat called Mia who loves bath time and feet! “Mia is such a character and is always making me laugh although she’s not a very cuddly cat.”

“The thing I love most about Mia is how she follows me around the house like a shadow and cries when we’re in separate rooms – true love!” – Hayley


Our Agency Assistant Alys has a beautiful labradoodle called Floss! Named because of her candyfloss like coat, which she loves getting pampered. The last puppy left of the litter, it was like Floss chose us, and she really is a true character. Convinced she’s part-human, Floss spends her days watching the world go by in her cosy corner chair in the lounge (just like a granny!)

‘The thing I love most about Floss is her loveable and cuddly nature; She’s like cuddling a teddy bear!’ – Alys

Brad and Angelina

Our Intern Zoe has two cats called ‘Brad & Angelina’ that are brother and sister. They were rescued from Cats Protection and have now had a loving home for almost 11 years. Angie has a very big personality that consists of pulling a lot of funny faces whilst brad is the hunter of the family!

‘The thing I love most about my cats are their bold personalities!’ – Zoe



Hannah is our office dog! We’ve had Hannah since we moved into our current office in 2015. She is very well behaved and is a great listener.


‘The thing we love most about Hannah is her loyalty’ – eventeem.

Thank you for reading our ‘Love Your Pet Day’ blog post, we hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post and getting to know a little more about us! If you are looking for promotional staff in Cardiff, or anywhere else in the UK just give us a call for a chat!