why we love students!

10 Aug

As September approaches it’s almost time to open the eventeem doors to the latest influx of students, as undergraduates, old and new, set off for their university towns for another year of learning and fresh adventures.

Whilst recruiting students for promotional jobs may sound like a bit of a juggling act, if agencies spend a little time getting to know them and understanding their needs, it’s easy to form the perfect partnership that works for both employer and employee.



So why do students love working in events and promotions?


It’s fun!

The work is varied, interesting and the majority of the time, yes it’s fun which is one of the main reasons that so many student brand ambassadors are attracted to the events industry. Who wouldn’t want to be part of their favourite brand’s latest experiential activity and tour the UK on a sampling roadshow for a yummy new product?


It’s flexible!

Many students may struggle to find a job that they can fit around their studies and, understandably, many employers will find it a struggle to change their staff rotas to fit in with student timetables, accommodating changing availability amongst their workforce.

With promotional work, agencies will employ brand ambassadors only when they are needed and, rightly so, the brand ambassadors will be free to accept or decline bookings however suits them, enabling them to opt out when busy studying, and pick up again when they have free time.


It’s social!

What better way to meet new people in a new area than at work. The promotional and events community in the UK is one that is constantly growing and evolving as people leave for pastures new, and fresh talent join.

All good agencies will match their staff to jobs that suit their personalities, skills and interests so with that in mind there’s a really good chance that student staff will meet like-minded people at the events on which they are booked to work. And keeping in touch is easy with the growing popularity of industry specific job boards and social media groups.


It’s great work experience!

Events and promotions provide fast-paced, customer facing environments in which student brand ambassadors can gain invaluable experience and develop lifelong skills in advance of entering the world of full time work. They will receive varied training and obtain useful references, with some of them progressing to more senior positions which will in turn look great on their CV.



And why is it that us agencies love students so much?


Perfectly placed brand ambassadors

Students are quite often perfectly placed geographically. Not only are they often based in major cities during term time, but the majority will be available for work during holidays at their home addresses, with many also able to stay with friends in other locations. This means that one student brand ambassador can potentially cover two if not three or four locations which is incredibly useful for an agency staffing team.


Word of mouth

It’s not only gossip that can spread like wildfire on campus! Good news also travels fast and it’s likely that a brand will receive increased promotion with students at the helm, when they tell their peers about the cool campaign they’ve been working on. It also means that agencies will receive increased applications from new staff when other students hear about the unique and desirable employment that is promotional work.


Infectious energy

In the event world this youthful, eager and educated lot are an often untapped staffing resource who want to work with promotional agencies just as much as the agencies want to work with them! Many students are natural brand ambassadors with bags of energy and boundless enthusiasm, prepared to commit 100% effort to every campaign they work on.




Things to bear in mind…

We’re not suggesting that striking the right balance for student employment is easy, so here are a few points for both parties to bear in mind:

  • We’ve established that most promotional work is fun, but it’s certainly not easy! Never underestimate the hard work and commitment that is required of a brand ambassador. Agencies must make expectations clear from the outset. If you are thinking of applying to join a promotional agency, take a look at our handy application tips first.
  • Whilst flexibility is often a positive, bear in mind that both parties require an appropriate level of commitment once a booking has been agreed. Although the work is flexible, it’s important to still be reliable and nobody likes to be let down.
  • January, May and June are usually associated with exams so bear in mind that students may not be available for work during these months, and may be less available during their final year.


So if your target audience is students and you are keen to recruit promotional staff that reflect your brand perfectly, contact us today as we would love to help.

Or perhaps you are a student who is itching to get started in promotions and events? Register your interest with us today.