Mini Babybel: Comic Relief Belboard

08 Mar


Mini Babybel: ‘Belboard’


The Aim

Creating a disruptive experience to promote Red Nose Day 2017.


What They Did

This Wednesday, March 8th, Mini Babybel launched the ‘Belboard’ at London’s King’s Cross Station. Measuring 6m X 3m, this custom billboard hosted over 10,000 Mini Babybels for commuters to pick off and snack on. As if that’s not enough, every Mini Babybel wrapper contained a joke, to brightening up the commute and inspire #MiniLaughs, the initiative created in tandem with Comic Relief.

To add to this, the fun-sized cheese impresarios have enlisted the help of Gogglebox star and I’m A Celebrity winner Scarlett Moffatt. Scarlett unveiled the ‘Belboard’ at 7:00 am and stayed until 8:00 pm reeling off one-liners, driving more #MiniLaughs for comic relief.

In addition to the ‘Belboard’, Mini Babybel has been driving a retail campaign, producing limited edition Comic Relief packs for the last month. The brand will be donating 10p from each of these packs sold to Comic Relief.


Why We Like It

It’s hard not to like a charitable campaign, particularly when that campaign is promoting Comic Relief, however, we believe Mini Babybel have nailed this one.

Firstly, they have partnered with a universally loved, extremely well-known influencer who actively embodies the spirit of Comic Relief with her can-do attitude and Geordie one-liners.

Secondly, they haven’t gone overboard. By the standards of experiential campaigns, this one is quite understated, however, it effectively targets a key demographic for charitable donations with an activation designed simply to improve their day by 5%.

A subtle activation, which distributed 10,000 free samples to a key target demographic, supported by a retail campaign to directly raise money for Comic Relief is a win in our books. The best thing about this campaign is that it is possible for small to medium sized brands to hold an effective activation like this. Experiential marketing is not synonymous with a huge budget!


If you enjoyed this campaign and are thinking of running your own, get in touch today, we can help with staff, experiential support or just a chat!