Oreo – ‘Discover Your Flavour’

07 Aug


Working with brand experience agency HeyHuman, Oreo are embarking on the ‘Discover Your Flavour’ roadshow tour to promote their latest product offering, Choc’o brownie, whilst raising awareness for other, existing variations of the classic treat.


Oreo – ‘Discover Your Flavour’


The Aim

To promote the brand’s new Choc’o Brownie flavour.


What Are They Doing?

Oreo have worked with brand experience agency HeyHuman to devise an experiential sampling roadshow, encouraging guests to discover and enjoy their unique variety of flavours.

The primary focus of the campaign is to promote Choc’o Brownie, the latest in a long line of Oreo flavours including: Strawberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter and Cool Mint, all of which will be on show at the activation.

To achieve this, they’ve created a Buzzfeed-style quiz to help guests find the flavour they’re most in tune with. Staff will administer the tests via tablets, and guests can share their results through social media. As a reward, they’ll receive a free Oreo truffle, created specially for the campaign, in their compatible flavour, along with a recipe card so they can recreate them at home.

Matching the variety of the campaign creative, the roadshow truck will be bold and colourful, decorated with colourful, flavoursome images and splashes representing each flavour being promoted. Similarly, promotional staff on the tour will be equiped with bright, branded jackets and t-shirts, alongside complementary furniture, bunting and signage.

Lasting 6 weeks, the tour will visit locations throughout the UK, including: Bristol Balloon FiestaLiverpool’s Fusion Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe – starting 8th August.


Katie Bashford, senior brand manager at Mondelez, said:

“Flavours have personalities of their own, and the tastes you enjoy say something about what and who you are as a person. We wanted to bring that thinking to some of the most popular types of Oreo cookies and get people talking about their personal flavours at the same time. HeyHuman has created an exceptional experiential campaign that will bring tasty and Wonder-filled Oreo truffles to thousands of people around the UK and encourage them to learn their own personal flavour.”


Ben Lock, business director at HeyHuman, said:

“Oreo is one of the world’s biggest snacking brands and everyone has their favourite one. We’re bringing flavour and personality together and ensuring people around the country have the chance to try, share and discover. Quite simply HeyHuman has created a Wonderfilled, shareable experience to help people discover their Oreo flavours.”


Why Do We Like It?

As always, it’s great to see a sampling campaign win an active social sharing feature – this consistently increases exposure for events, and will be highly effective given the number of visitors this roadshow will be serving.

Secondly, the format of ‘Discover Your Flavour’ is highly engaging – picking an on-trend creative with the Buzzfeed-style quiz is a sure way to ensure visitors understand, and align with, the system and therefore engage easily and quickly.

We also have to give props to the use of recipe cards – these act as post-event CTAs, encouraging customers to go out and recreate the delicious treat they experienced, in their own home, leading to increased sales down the line.

Finally,it’s a smart move on behalf of Oreo to launch a new product campaign that highlights and promotes their existing range. This not only draws attention to the Choc’o Brownie flavour, but also reminds or informs visitors that a wide range of other flavours are also available.


Oreo’s ‘Discover Your Flavour’ promises to be another Summer smash hit – if you enjoyed this campaign, share it with your friends!


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