Pop-Up Brand Activation: 5 Ways to Increase Brand Activation

27 Jun

As companies around the world realise that flexibility and adaptability are two important keywords, more temporary stores are popping up in the marketplace. These solutions allow companies to reach new consumers, increase sales or better understand their customers – and this trend is likely to increase in the months ahead. If you’re considering a pop-up store, here are five ways to make this brand activation strategy more successful.

Brand Activation Management
Brand Activation Management

1. Understand Your Goal

The most important element when it comes to brand activation ideas is to know your objective. Certainly, you may be planning to drive brand awareness as it says on the tin, but you may be interested in testing out a new market or increasing sales in one particular part of your product range. Successful brand activation management will depend on your conclusions here as you set your key performance indicators (KPIs). After all, as indicated in the Harvard Business Review, it’s possible for brand building and performance marketing to work closely together.

2. Be Authentic

This is your opportunity to set your company apart through pop-up brand activation. It is often difficult to make wholesale changes to your brand and marketing initiatives otherwise, and this is your opportunity to tell a distinct story in a much simpler way. You can put your values on display to figure out how your brand can change people’s lives. In short, you can add a personal touch to these experiences that you may not have been able to do within your other marketing solutions.

Brand Activation Ideas
Brand Activation Ideas

3. Be Overtly Creative

Following on from the need to be authentic, you can design and build a marketing format that is very far away from the cookie-cutter solution that your competitors may suggest. Pay particular attention to the overall design of your pop-up store, as this will greatly impact your success. In short, don’t fall back on older ideas, even if they seem to work at a different time. And if you need more inspiration, check out this essential guide to setting up a pop-up shop in the UK.

4. Work with Your Partners

Do you have any existing relationships with “influencers?” Some professional companies shy away from this type of relationship, but it can pay dividends, especially when it comes to pop-up brand activation. Again, you may need to ditch old-fashioned ways of thinking and come up with solutions that could catapult your brand in the eyes of your consumers. Collaboration is great if it causes you (and your partner) to succeed and reach a broader audience than you would have individually.

Brand Activation
Brand Activation

5. Choose Your Location Carefully

In real estate, they say that location is everything, and it is certainly true regarding brand activation management. You must ensure that there will be sufficient traffic and not just any traffic either. Do your homework to ensure that the footfall will represent people who will fit your absolute demographic. Profile the most important customer in each area and decide whether to place a pop-up branding opportunity in the centre of that catchment area. Don’t go for the “obvious” parts; think outside the box again.

Activate Your Company

Once you have set your objectives and decided where to stage your pop-up brand activation, ensure your company is ready for the initiative. Do you have a sufficient number of event staff on hand? Would it help if you outsourced some promotional staff to make a great impression? Perhaps you can tempt your prospects by offering them free sampling to introduce them to your products firsthand. In all cases, get in touch with an expert in these matters, Eventeem. Their friendly representatives will be delighted to discuss your needs and get you moving in the right direction.