The soaring popularity of the pop-up

21 Jan

What is a pop-up shop?

Originating in Los Angeles in 1999, a pop-up shop is a temporary unit, stall or brand experience used to sell or promote products and services for a limited period of time. “Popping up” one day, and disappearing shortly afterwards.

This nifty form of retailing offers a huge opportunity to gain brand awareness, sales uplift and to spark customer engagement on a more personal level. The phenomenon has been embraced by brands such as Marmite, PlayStation and Adidas, and has attracted seasonal marketers like Baileys. It is also a great opportunity for online businesses to create a temporary presence on the high street, as demonstrated by Etsy who successfully launched a pop-up shop in Covent Garden in December.

Pop-ups have even been used to enhance engagement with fans by shows such as Game of Thrones in LA and Dr Who in Australia.

Carefully selected promotional staff can add value to a pop-up shop in a number of ways:


1 Enhanced engagement

Brand Ambassadors and promotional staff are chosen for their exceptional communication and interpersonal skills and their ability to spark interest, engaging with consumers on an emotive and individual level. They have an ability to absorb information efficiently and take on the persona of a brand in order to communicate the key information concisely and passionately.


2 Profiling

One role of a staffing team is to match their promotional staff resource to each brief received, carefully taking into consideration brand values, corporate personality, objectives and target audience. A sure fire way to secure the right staffing representation.


3 Awareness

A pop-up shop is a temporary fixture and therefore the opportunity to generate valuable word of mouth is limited. Do customers know it’s there? And if so, do they know exactly where to find it? Wherever its location, promotional staff can help to raise awareness about newly launched pop-ups and increase footfall by getting customers through the door.


4 Free your time

Staffing and recruitment is time consuming, particularly when filling temporary positions. Hiring the wrong temporary staff can open the doors to an array of issues such as unreliability, a lack of enthusiasm and loyalty, and poor customer service. A reputable promotional staffing agency will already have a strong infrastructure of tried and tested promotional staff who they can call upon, saving valuable time and helping to avoid stressful situations.


Considerable time and resource will have been invested into the organisation and launch of a pop-up so it is vital to its success that the business opportunity is maximised whilst the doors are open for business.  To find out more about how eventeem can help you achieve this, contact us today.