Practical Ways to Reduce and Manage Stress When Planning an Event

21 Mar

Stress and event planning seem to go hand in hand, but they don’t always have to. So what are some practical ways to reduce and manage this type of stress when you’re in the middle of the process?

The Link Between Stress and Events

Have you ever asked why event planning should be so stressful? It could be due to the enormous number of tasks that you need to complete and often against the clock. Perhaps it’s because you have to come up with all the ideas and are given a blank sheet of paper by a client. Or, you may be worried about budgets and find it difficult to juggle those cost centres to avoid going into the red. Finally, what happens if you do all that planning work and nobody turns up for the event? Clearly, these worries could lead to sleepless nights.

Take Things Steadily

So it pays to take things steadily and give yourself enough time. Don’t set unrealistic expectations and expect to organise a first-class event in record time. If you do allow some extra days and weeks, this means that you can take regular breaks along the way and disconnect. Try to make sure that your individual days are not jampacked either. Switch off, go outside, commune with nature, or do whatever it takes to enjoy some “me time.”

Reduce Stress
Reduce Stress

Craft Your Action Plan

As you plan your sensible schedule, ensure that you create a comprehensive action plan and timeline. Don’t leave anything out, and don’t make a plan that you just keep in your head. You’re unlikely to forget if you write things down manually or digitally. Further, you’re more likely to believe, psychologically, that you’ve got everything under control.

Anticipate Problems

Craft a plan B and a plan C if necessary. Things can often go wrong, but if you are as prepared as possible, you’re more likely to be able to recover. Remember, some of your keynote speakers could drop out, or you may face an issue with the venue that causes a last-minute switch. Of course, it’s almost impossible to predict every eventuality, but the more effort you put into this thought process, the better.

Focus on Your Health

Look after the inner you. The mind and body are incredibly interconnected and if you deprive yourself either through lack of sleep or bad habits (like alcohol or nicotine), you’re asking for trouble. You could run into problems if you don’t exercise enough and eat processed foods while not consuming sufficient vitamins or minerals. You may develop anxiety that’s linked to unhealthy living just as much as it is to event-related stress. So, if you really focus on your health, you can certainly ensure you are in better shape and able to tackle any event problems.

Stress Management Techniques
Stress Management Techniques

Go With the Flow

There is no getting away from it. Event planning will always involve a certain amount of stress. But the more you understand this and plan accordingly, the less it will bother you as time goes by. And when the dust settles, and your event is a resounding success, you’ll get plenty of energy to do it all again.

How to Manage Stress With Good Staff Members

Finally, you can run more stress-free events if you ensure that you have the right people to help. This can sometimes be difficult to achieve, so it’s always good to work with renowned experts. Therefore, if you’re looking for corporate event staff, brand ambassadors or people to help you at every stage of your planning, get in touch with Eventeem for their advice.